Why should you mine on NBMiner?

Why should you mine on NBMiner?


NBMiner  is an easy-to-use and optimized cryptocurrency mining program. This application takes full advantage of modern NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards by using unique optimization techniques. The utility comes with closed source code for Nvidia CUDA and AMD as well. This crypto-mining tool provides support for backup pool modes, as well as for SSL protocol to mining pools. NBMiner supports Nvidia and AMD and it holds the top positions in hash rate on diverse crypto operations algorithms.


How to run the NBMiner program

NBMiner is software to let you earn crypto income on a video card (GPU). The utility supports both on NVIDIA and AMD cards. For the speedy launch, do the following:

  • Install the archive with NBMiner;
  • Unzip to any pc location;
  • Change the wallet to your own in the file with the extension .bat.

To configure the bat file, text the miner name in the command line – NBMiner. Then, determine the algorithm, a pool address, and a special port for mining operations. Choose a crypto exchange and specify your user nickname on it, under which you mine coins. To mine coins on multiple devices at once, download and install the NBMiner app on all the computers that will be used for mining.

After downloading the utilities to the gadget, go to the folder with NBMiner. Then, create or edit a file with the extension .bat. To do this, take any text editor. When saving a file, it is important to select “All Files” as the file type.

Profit and types of coins

As soon as you install the NBMiner utilities on your PC, you will be able to get started with your first mining. You will get the first profits if you choose the right algorithm and the most favorable currency for mining. As soon as NBMiner stabilizes for about 10-15 minutes, you can check the work status and profit on the Earnings page in your exchange account or in the pool that you have selected.

What coins can you mine here? The most popular ones are Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Grin 31, Grin 32, AE, Sero, and some others.

NBMiner utility pros

NBMiner utility pros

If you operate on the NBMiner program, then you get all these benefits:

  1. Safety and reliability. NBMiner is designed for mining coins on medium and large mining farms. You will get high performance and fast profits.
  2. High compatibility level. NBMiner supports Nvidia and AMD and often ranks first, giving an excellent hash performance.
  3. SSL is a security protocol that is valid for all mining operations. All user data is stored with maximum confidentiality.
  4. Low commission.
  5. Electricity costs are low.

Every day, more than 700,000 users run operations on the NBMiner utility.

Rate of commission fees

If you use the NBMiner mining program, you will pay a small commission. The commission amount is very low, which distinguishes this miner from many other tools in the modern crypto market. Just a few percent (from 1% to 3%) and you will get access to the best mining tool. You pay a commission, and these funds are used to maintain and improve the operation of the utility, as well as adding new advanced options.


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