What is XMR Wallet?

What is XMR Wallet?


Monero wallet is an application or online page from which you can manage your crypto coins. A desktop or mobile utility must be downloaded to a PC or electronic gadget, access to the online Monero account is carried out through a browser. Altcoin XMR is supported by multi-currency wallets like Coinomi, Cyptonator, Edge. Finally, it is possible to place the Monero cryptocurrency on the account of one of the 70 trading platforms, although this is not a very reliable option.

Choosing a wallet for Monero

The main criteria for choosing an XMR wallet are usability and security. The easiest way to create an e-purse is to access digital assets from any internet-connected device.
To create an online wallet:

  1. Follow the link https://wallet.mymonero.com/ and at the bottom of the page click the Quick access wallet online button.
  2. On the next page select Create a new wallet.
  3. Read the instructions, check the box next to GOT IT, and click Next.
  4. Save the seed of 25 words, in a paper version, strictly observing the sequence.
  5. Go to the next page and repeat the first 7 words of the mnemonic phrase in the correct order.
wallet for Monero

XMR purse is created! Be sure to write down the “secret view key”, “secret spend key” and address. On the same page you can download a wallet app for Windows. Versions for other operating systems are hosted on the Github resource.

Official Monero Wallet

Download the desktop version of Monero purse on the official website, at the link https://web.getmonero.org/downloads/. It is possible both to create a full node, with a copy of the entire XMR block-chain on a hard disk, or to work with a remote server.
In addition, the local Monero GUI wallet allows you to mine XMR cryptocurrency on the CPU. After it has switched to the RandomX algorithm, this option will become very popular.

Mobile Applications

We recommend using the next mobile apps to work with XMR:

  • CakeWallet – an app for IOS that supports the exchange of Monero for another cryptocurrency;
  • Monerujo – an Android application with a QR module for comfortable transactions.

A complete list of applications working with XMR cryptocurrency is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Installation and configuration guide

Monero GUI wallet

Monero GUI wallet does not require installation. Download and unzip the zip archive, run the monero-wallet-gui file and start configuring the client.
If you have Windows, then, make sure that anti-virus protection does not block the program. You can use the appropriate key combinations to make it easier to work with the wallet:

  • Ctrl + Tab – go to the next settings page;
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab – return to the previous page.

First, select the interface language and go to the “Create / restore wallet” page. Click Create a new wallet, and select Mainnet to use Monero’s main network. Come up with a name for your e-purse. Save the mnemonic phrase in a safe place and specify the location for the data. Create a strong password. If you lose it, you can restore access to funds using seed, but for this, you have to reinstall the program.
Check the Start node in background checkbox if you are uploading the entire block-chain to a PC or Connect to a remote node to work with a remote server. Specify where to download the block-chain, if necessary. Specify the address and port for connecting to the bootstrap node if you want to start working with the purse without waiting for full synchronization with the Monero network.
When all the settings are completed, a window will appear with a countdown to the start of the program. If this is your first time creating a personal full node, wait until your node is fully synchronized. Special settings, such as running in only view mode or manually adding an already loaded block-chain, are required when restoring an existing wallet.


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