What Is WattTool?

What Is WattTool?


Programs for changing performance and other parameters of “hardware” are becoming more and more popular. Annually, more and more users master them. Some do it out of curiosity, while others do it for practical use. WattTool is a utility that allows you to manage the parameters of AMD video cards. With its help, you can change the voltage, memory frequency and the number of revolutions of the cooler. Apart from this, the software may be used to monitor the performance of the graphics adapter.
The WattTool shell, like its interface, is very simple and intuitive. But thanks to this, the program does not take up much space, consumes a minimum of CPU and RAM resources, and also works in a portable mode without installation. The main window displays detailed information about the operation of the video card: temperature, general processor unit core and memory frequency, fan speeds, voltage and other characteristics. Using WattTool, you can change the frequency of the graphics adapter, voltage, number of RPM fans, and even the maximum allowable temperature values. However, it is recommended to change these characteristics only for experienced users who are aware of the consequences of manipulations.

Functions and Features

Functions of the Watttool

The latest version of the WattTool utility (v0.92 updated in 2019) offers the next options and characteristics:

  • There is a feature of monitoring graphics card performance available.
  • The program is compatible with AMD devices only.
  • By using the software, you can easily change the voltage, frequency, fan speed and other GPU parameters.
  • It has a portable mode.
  • WattTool supports almost all versions of Windows (starting with XP and above).
  • The program can be used to improve the performance of video cards in games or to save energy by reducing the applied voltage. The latter function is relevant for cryptocurrency miners.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The only drawback we have noticed is that there is only English localization available. So, foreign miners may have some issues with setting up and operating the software.

Cons of WattTool

How To Set Up?

The process of setting up includes just a few steps:

  1. Install a free version of WattTool from any mining-related website or the official manufacturer.
  2. Fill in the coin algorithm you are going to mine.
  3. Check the graphic card and processor characteristics. Adapt the voltage, frequency, fan speed and other parameters to your needs.
  4. Confirm the settings and click on the Start button. Your devices are supposed to work in the mode you have set up.

You may change the parameters, restart the program or turn it off any time you need.

To Sum Up

As we have mentioned earlier, WattTool can be used for various purposes. They include gaming, cryptocurrency mining, working with a great deal of graphic data, and so on. But keep in mind that the program is no more than an “overclocking” utility. It cannot be used as a miner.


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