What is LOlminer How to Install and Run lolMiner

What is LOlminer How to Install and Run lolMiner


lolMiner is compatible with the Equihash and Cuckatoo algorithms. The application was created for AMD graphics cards. Most Nvidia GPUs are also supported, although their reliability and performance on lolMiner are dubious. The developers themselves have issued a warning on the project page on BitcoinTalk. Developers, as is customary, charge a fee. It is 1%, which indicates that your gear will operate for developers for slightly more than 14 minutes every day.

What exactly is lolMiner?


The miner is actively supported by devs, and updates are always sent on schedule. For example, in the most recent version, the developers removed the Beam Hash I algorithm, which had become obsolete following the Beam hardfork. When working with Beam, they also enhanced the performance of Nvidia GPUs. However, regardless of GPU brand, we recommend Gminer for Beam.

Lolminer’s orders

The mining platform employs a huge number of instructions, some of which are required for your mining activity, while others are optional and may be uninteresting for basic use. –coin: Enter the name of the coin you want to use. –pool : Enter the mining pool address, for as ‘beam.cruxpool.com’. –port : Enter the port number of your mining pool, for example, ‘3333′. –user: Enter your wallet address as well as the name of your worker. This information must be separated by a dot, as in ‘wallet.RIG01′. –pass : The password for the mining pool. The value is set to ‘x’ by default.

The commission amount will also be shown. This list will tell you whether the programme supports the algorithm and whether it requires the personalisation argument (—pers), which is required for several Equihash-based methods.


The —coin (-c) argument is used to setup lolMiner in the second method. This option configures more comprehensive settings for the selected profiles and enables the use of unique features such as algorithm switching or the coupling of an algorithm with the appropriate customization.

It is worth mentioning that the lolMiner team aggressively promotes the app. As a result, updates are issued on a frequent and timely basis. As a result, the most recent version no longer supports the Beam Hash I algorithm, as the Beam network hard fork rendered it obsolete. Furthermore, when mining this digital money, the developers have boosted the hashrate of Nvidia GPUs.

Where Can i Get Lolminer?

The software may be downloaded via the Bitcoin Talk website’s official lolMiner page. Additionally, ready-made archives containing all of the essential files are accessible on several websites. However, there are certain drawbacks to this approach. After all, it is so simple to obtain a virus rather than crypto mining software. As a result, check the source of the download software ahead of time to avoid problems. Did you know that a new SRBMiner has been released?

Get Lolminer

Final words

So that concludes our review. It is time to summarise and discuss the potential dangers of mining on video cards using Lolminer. They are about the usage of equipment, not software, which is completely safe and preserves anonymity.

Market volatility is one of the most visible dangers. Nobody is surprised by the recent increase in the value of cryptocurrency. However, there have been many instances of sharp market drops, which have reduced the profitability of the rigs.


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