What is a fantastic mining company?

What is a fantastic mining company?


Awesome Miner is a web-based interface for large-scale mining activities. The brand was launched in 2014 and was gradually used by several miners. Awesome Miner can be used in farms with up to 200,000 ASIC miners and 25,000 GPU/CPU miners. Moreover, Awesome Miner can detect and automatically solve the issues in real time. This capability is important for farm owners because discovering troubled equipment without automation is at times not an easy effort when thousands of devices are in operation at the farm.

Major mining pools

The programme is supported by the most major mining pools and it truly can be configured fast. The Windows and Linux software is good. Mac version and variants are not available for other operating systems. The app requires installation, however users also have access from any device to the web version. The Cloud Service allows monitoring. Users might receive the information by telegram or through email. Cloud service users can receive notifications via SMS.

mining pools

The Awesome Miner dash board shows both AMD and NVidia GPUs’ current energy consumption. Each of the mining software has its own power so that customers can decide which mining software is most advantageous to them. In addition to electricity, the mining profits, the hashrate and the selected pool on the dashboard are available in real-time.

All this information helps to make comments and judge whether everything works smoothly or whether something should be altered. Temperature, ventilation speed, overclocking level and so on are among other parameters on the dashboard. The GPU tab of the mining interface allows you to examine this information.

Better profit

Users can handle the mining-related data. For example, the mining history may be analyseled, CSV data exported in an Excel format, and the chart can be viewed. Another noteworthy feature is the “Profit Switch.” The software examines the statistics obtained from multi-coin and single-coin mining pools in real time. Users can select a mining pool on the basis of expected profit following the benchmark that checks for the qualities of the mining plant/farm.

Better profit

Dozens of mining apps can be supported by Awesome Miner. The list contains a number Bminer, CcMiner Liner, Claymore Miner, CpuMiner-Opt, Ethminer, Cudaminer, NanoMiner, NBMiner, NoncerPro, PhoenixMiner, SgMiner, TT-Miner, XMR-Stak-RX, AMD, etc. This mining software can extract more than 100 coins. Many of the currency for mining can be swapped for Awesome Miner. Those who despise limits can add bespoke solutions free of charge and extend their own list of supported algorithms, mining pools, currencies and mining software.

Support offered

Most of the ASIC miners are supported by Awesome Miner. The following brands can be used by the owners: Aisen, Baykal, Bitmain Antminer (over 40), Blackminer, Dayun, Canaan Avalon, FusionSilicon, Futurebit, GekkoScience, Halong DrahonMint, Hyperbit, IBeLink, Innosilicon (over 10 models). The platform is open to requests for addition to the list of other ASIC miners. The site says that some of the miners not listed are probably going to work with Awesome Miner quite well.

The owners of ASIC miners can use the External Profit Switching option to prevent income retention. The mining pools that Awesome users can shift on to their priorities. By default, the priority is set based on the profitability of the pool.


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