Trust Wallet: How to Withdraw Money – Instructions

Trust Wallet: How to Withdraw Money – Instructions


Trust Wallet is a mobile crypto purse through which you can perform financial transactions with various types of monetary units. The company offers to install specialized software that can be used by owners of modern smartphones with any operating system.

To perform digital coin transactions between different e-purses, you need to follow the next steps:

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  1. Log into the Trust Wallet app and go to the home page. It looks like a shield icon and is located in the menu below. Tap on the icon.
  2. Then, click on the “Submit” button.
  3. Select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw.
  4. In the “Recipient’s address” field, enter the details (like the purse number of the recipient), or click on the scan icon to fill in the field automatically by using a QR code.
  5. The “number” of coins is entered manually. Or you may tap on the “Max” button, and all coins will be sent. (By the way, you can switch to “USD” and send a certain amount of cryptocurrency in dollar terms. Trust Wallet is based on the average market rate.)
  6. After filling in the online form, tap on “Next”, and you will see the completed form. Here, it is shown for rechecking: to which address and how much will be sent.
  7. Proceed with the “Submit” button. The transaction is done!

Pay attention to the item “Network fee”. The commission can be adjusted manually. To do this, use the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. It is displayed in sat/byte units. To find out the best figure, use a phrase in search engines, for example: “Bitcoin average transaction fee”. There is a conclusion for mining.
The history of withdrawals can be viewed by clicking on a specific digital coin on the main page. By clicking you can see all the details of the transactions being carried out, and at what stage of confirmation they are.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet: How to withdraw to the card?

Direct withdrawal from the mobile application to the card is not possible. To do this, use exchange offices that accept cryptocurrency. Create an exchange request, indicate how many coins you will send, your card number, and send them to the specified address. Usually, funds will be credited to the card instantly, maximum after 1-15 network confirmations.

How to withdraw your private keys from Trust Wallet?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the digital purse. The user is only given a seed phrase, which can be used to restore access to balances in this particular application. Therefore, if you decide to transfer all the cryptocurrency from one wallet to another, you will have to do it manually by creating transactions in each of the blockchains where you store your coins.


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