The Kawpowminer program for earning crypto

The Kawpowminer program for earning crypto


Modern internet technologies provide an opportunity to earn money for every user, for example, with the Kawpowminer program. You can start earning cryptocurrency if you choose the optimal software with a high level of hashing and security, such as Kawpowminer.

In 2021, different miners are represented in the Internet space, and the Kawpowminer tool in this sense occupies one of the leading places in popularity among users. These days you can apply top computer technologies to get virtual coins at high speed. But first, it makes sense to understand what kind of crypto mining tool the Kawpowminer is and what advantages you can get working here.

Miner basic features

The Kawpowminer program is software that allows you to mine Ravencoin on the KAWPOW algorithm, based on Proof of Work, which is the basis of ProgPoW, running on the Ethereum network. Therefore, if you are in the subject of all these technologies and tools, you will probably be suitable for the Kawpowminer mining program.

Miner basic features

What are the features of the utility? Read and keep in mind all the 8 features of Kawpowminer tool:

  1. Kawpowminer is a pilot project for mining crypto coins, which operates on the KAWPOW algorithm;
  2. The original utility works on OpenGL, which means you get more profit;
  3. The mining program works with Nvidia CUDA support;
  4. Realistic benchmarking performance;
  5. Full-fledged generation of DAG files on the GPU, that is, there are more of them on the disk. Also, the bat files are saved in the required order;
  6. Stratum-mining without using a proxy server;
  7. Full-fledged processing of any failure of the user’s farm;
  8. Kawpowminer supports all the existing AMD cards.

The Kawpowminer program has no commission fee, and so it is provided by the developer for free.

How to start working on the Kawpowminer program

Working on the Kawpowminer program

Kawpowminer is a special utility of the command line. That is any user can run it either from the Windows command line or from Linux. For getting a total list of the operating commands, just run the program with the –help sign.

After downloading, unzip the utility to a convenient folder. Use the bat file to manage the software. It is created quite simply. Right-click in the program folder and create a text document. Give it an extension .bat. Right-click on the file and select “edit” from the context menu.

Some useful information

Keep the syntax and case of the commands you use. If you need a complete list of them, open the bat file and enter – help. Then run the file. The system will issue all the commands that the Kawpowminer can perceive. If you have a problem with CUDA, then reinstall the drivers using their latest version.


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