Teamredminer: What Is It All About?

Teamredminer: What Is It All About?


Teamredminer is a high-performance miner that allows you to mine various cryptocurrencies using a large number of algorithms, including the most productive at the moment – KAWPOW algorithm, which allows you to mine such coins as Ravencoin, for example.
The program supports many different algorithms in order to mine a variety of currencies in a more profitable mode. Teamredminer runs only on video cards from the AMD series. That is, if you want to run it on NVIDIA, then, you will not succeed, since the program is not capable of mining on these video cards.

Setting Up The Program

Setting Up The Program

As an example, let’s analyze the setup of Teamredminer using an algorithm called KawPow to earn Ravencoin currency. First, you need to download this program, which is located on the developer’s website, then, unzip the file itself to a convenient location on your computer. After that, you should open the files that are in the archive in the .bat format and enter your wallets. To increase your earnings, you may boost the intensity of coin-solving.

Now let’s take a look at the Ravencoin-minermore file, which has a lot of lines to set up the utility:
teamredminer.exe -a kawpow -o stratum + tcp:// 4601 -u RKAeArrXkWLNERjWo5YF3R1xFnYCwKf11sX.trmtest -p x

Carry out the next:

  1. The “teamredminer.exe” line indicates the program version 0.7.1. After the software name and“-a”, you should type in the name of the algorithm (in our case, it’s “kawpow”).
  2. After “-o stratum + tcp: //”, you have to write in the pool network address (the underlined part in the example).
  3. After you have typed in the IP of the pool, you should put a two-spot and specify the networking port. If you do not know where to find this information, then, it should be indicated on the pool itself. It is mostly listed in topics such as FAQ or Help.
  4. After specifying the pool, you should specify the number of your actual wallet to which the coins earned through mining will be dropped.
  5. The final command is -p, which stands for password. In general, such a function is not provided in 85% of pools. That is why we enter “-p x”.

As an unrequired command, you can use the –pause line, so that the mining utility does not suddenly close after an unexpected error occurs. This allows you to troubleshoot an error without closing Teamredminer. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that you should not allow extra characters, spaces, as well as indents or tabs. This will allow the program to avoid mistakes. What you need to develop in cryptocurrency?

Program Crashes

The Program Crashes – What to Do?

The main share of errors in Teamredminer occurs when the .bat files are incorrectly configured. It is based on a punctuation error that occurs when using invalid syntax. And here’s what you should do to solve the issue:

  • Check the syntax in the notepad files, and add the word “pause” to the very end. This command will be able to help you resolve the problem.
  • The .bat file should be located in the folder with the program itself.
  • Clear your device of old variables that miners used before the new one. To do this, you need to go to “system properties”, then, “advanced system parameters”, and then, go to “environment variables”. And at this point, you need to remove the old variables from other miner programs. Only those starting with “GPU_FORCE” should be removed.

Check the power supply as the main component is power. If there is a lack of power to the video cards, the program may crash.


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