TeamRedMiner for your crypto profit

TeamRedMiner for your crypto profit


If you are looking for a productive miner with which you can mine virtual coins, then try the Teamredminer software. This utility operates on a large number of algorithms, including the most productive at the moment, the KAWPOW one, which allows you to mine Ravencoin and other popular digital coins.

What you should know about TeamRedMiner

Every season in the world of crypto new algorithms for encrypting blockchain networks appear, and they come together with new crypto-mining software. The unique TeamRedMiner utility is worth talking about and using in full. This software is great for both beginners and experienced miners.

TeamRedMiner was launched in 2018. Those times users got access to its pilot version. It made it possible to mine various coins, including Monero and Ether. The first obvious advantage of TeamRedMiner software was a significant increase in the hashing speed on the GPU from Vega. TeamRedMiner’s performance grew as the tool was developed with the option to support multiple algorithms at once.

The TeamRedMiner developer commission is 2.5% when using the Ethash algorithm, 1% for Navi or Vega GPUs, and 0.75% for Polaris. You will be able to work on this miner using Etherum with up to 4 Gb of memory. In this case, the DAG file may exceed this indicator. However, as with other programs, the hash rate will be reduced.


At the moment, the providers of TeamRedMiner have released 2 versions of the utility: one for Windows operating systems, and the other for Linux. The utility can work exclusively with graphics cards manufactured by AMD and supports the most popular cards for mining. The full list of GPUs that the program works with can be found on the official website. The software can mine most of the popular and most profitable coins now. It operates on one of the 25 supported encryption algorithms of the crypto network.

Mining software, which has a graphical interface, although more convenient to use, especially for beginners, but less effective. Crypto mining programs running in the DOS space – allow you to give the user maximum performance. TeamRedMiner does not have a graphical interface. The entire software configuration is carried out through changes in the bat files.

What does the bat file for TeamRedMiner look like?

The bat file looks like this:

  • The name of the program to which the bat file will be accessed. By the way, this file should be in the folder with the miner
  • The algorithm that the program will use for mining cryptocurrencies. Each coin has its type of work specified. You can learn algorithms and their tokens on the network
  • The address of the pool that you have chosen to work with
  • The port of the pool, which is presented on the service’s website
  • The number of the cryptocurrency wallet to which your earned coins will be sent. Make sure that it supports mining digital coins

Now you know everything and it’s time to start working.

How to get started

Before installing TeamRedMiner on your device, make sure that you download the software from trusted sources. In unofficial places, the source code can be infected with malware or viruses that can steal important information from the computer or steal some of the hashing power for the benefit of the hacker.

Getting started with TeamRedMiner

The utility is installed very easily. Unzip the archive with the latest version of the software to your hard drive and the program will be ready for initial setup. If your antivirus software reports a possible threat of infection – just do not pay attention. All mining programs are considered anti-virus malware. Add TeamRedMiner to the list of exceptions, and the error will not be repeated.

Launching the program

To launch the TeamRedMiner program, you should click on the file with the extension .bat. After you make the first run, the program will give you some information.

  1. Look at the top of the screen. Here is all the information from the bat file.
  2. Wait until your video card is recognized by the system.
  3. Then, the configuration will be automatically selected.
  4. Now you can run the functions and commands that are entered directly during mining by pressing certain keys. The keys have the following functions: h-help, s-statistics, e-enabled maps, d-disabled maps, t-tuning mode, q-exit.
  5. Next, the TeamRedMiner software will connect to the pool.
  6. If everything went successful, the program will set the level of difficulty of mining operations for your work.

Then, after running the TeamRedMiner program, a special process for auto-tuning the existing video cards will run. After you wait a little longer, you can see the hash rate of your graphics cards and other data.


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