SRBPolaris: Main Features, Compatibility and Other

SRBPolaris: Main Features, Compatibility and Other


SRBPolaris is a program designed to edit bios on AMD cards exclusively. It is commonly associated with Polaris Editor. The only difference is that the former is absolutely free of charge! The software supports the following graphic cards:

  • RX460
  • RX470
  • RX480
  • RX560
  • RX570
  • RX580

Before we talk about SRBPolaris features and capabilities, let’s find out why to flash AMD devices and whether it’s actually necessary.

AMD graphic cards

Why flash AMD graphic cards?

Most users buy a ready-made system unit, connect it to a monitor, turn on the power and then, simply use a ready-made device for work and rest. Another category of users chooses components, assembles a computer and installs the necessary software, managing this process independently at each stage. However, there is a third category – people who want to get the best performance out of their device.
In order to achieve this, you have to either increase the sum of money required to assemble a computer with similar characteristics, or do the hardware and software modification yourself.
When do you need BIOS firmware for an AMD graphics card? Well, firmware is required if:

  • A new version of the BIOS of the video card has been released, featuring improved characteristics, for example, lower power consumption, higher GPU frequency, other improved video memory timings, etc.
  • You are mining or perform scientific computing using GPUs.
  • Your graphic card has stopped working stably with the factory BIOS settings.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to flash the video card, you do it at your own peril and risk. Any incorrect values in the BIOS of the video card can lead to its breakdown. For the operation to be successful, it is necessary to know the structure of the video card, the peculiarities of the memory subsystem, various service parameters of the functioning of the video card, as well as Ohm’s law. It is also recommended to take the BIOS firmware used for modification from time-tested sources and even in this case to carry out a cursory comparison with the current working copy using specialized programs.


SRBPolaris features

The program offers its users the next options:

  • unlocking additional shaders (only on RX460);
  • copying/changing memory timings;
  • setting factory parameters of cards;
  • setting general processor unit voltage parameters (depends on VRM);
  • adjusting cooler speed.

Of course, there are more features provided in SRBPolaris, but the foregoing ones are the most nameworthy.

How to use the software?

Download the most relevant version of SRBPolaris from the developer’s page. After that, you will have to unzip the program archived file to a convenient place on your hard drive. Find SRBPolaris.exe fileand double-click it. The program contains a database of memory chips for the AMD devices mentioned above. It allows you to automatically flash the best timings for your graphic card. That’s it! No other actions are required.


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