SRBminer for Cryptonight Mining

SRBminer for Cryptonight Mining


Cryptonight shares the first place with Ethash in terms of GPU mining profitability. First of all, it is interesting for AMD GPU-rig owners, but green cards can work with it too. Unlike Dagger Hashimoto, all of whose tokens are based on the same algorithm as ethereum. Cryptonight, in its turn, is divided into 33 modifications. And on the basis of each of them, one or several ecosystems have been created. Coins can move from one type of cryptocurrency to another, for example, the XMR blockchain network changed the algorithm twice in six months. Likewise, Sumokoin recently changed its hash function and is now mined on Cryptonight R just like Monero.
Such a ramified network seriously complicates the task for the creators of mining software. Many different applications have been developed, but only three of them are truly versatile and effective cryptocurrency miners. And SRBminer is one of them.

What is SRBMiner?

What is SRBMiner

SRBminer cryptonight AMD GPU miner is software for mining Monero and its forks. At the beginning of this year, several modifications of the program have already been released, the last of which is 1.8.8 we will now consider.
There is no need to list all the cryptonight options that the SRBminer 1.8.8 application works with. Whichever coin you decide to mine, you can use this software.

How to set up the miner?

It is very easy to start mining XMR on SRBminer. Just do the next:

  1. Go to the official website, or to the developer’s page on the Bitcointalk forum, download and unpack the mining program to a place convenient for you on your PC hard drive.
  2. The software is already configured for the mining of Monero on the nanopool server. If this pool suits you, just replace the wallet sample address with your actual one in the pools file and left click on start.bat.

The software is ready for mining. However, if the mentioned pool does not suit you, replace the connection coordinates in the same file. When switching to a different algorithm, you will need to adjust not only pools.txt, but also the start.bat batch file:

  1. Right-click on start.bat and select Modify.
  2. In the Config \ config-normalv4.txt line, you need to change the value of normalv4 to the algorithm of your chosen coin.
Set up the miner

The list of compatible hash functions is located in the Config folder of SRBminer. If you are not sure which algorithm you need, look at the connection instructions section on your pool. You can choose a server on the miningpoolstats website.

Possible problems and solutions

If the miner does not start, there are errors in text and batch files. One missed, or vice versa, an extra character is enough for a refusal.
The second possible problem is that all shares are declined. The reason is that the mining algorithm does not match the coin. If you do not select the correct start.bat settings, or write the wrong algorithm in the batch file, SRBminer will start mining anyway. But you will immediately see a red line, which means: “Share declined.” Stop the miner and fix the batch file instead of trying to download and install the recommended adrenalin18.6.1 driver.
Finally, not all pools support exchange addresses with a mandatory billing ID. If the server refuses authorization, change the wallet address or the pool itself.


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