ProgPoW Miner for High Productivity

ProgPoW Miner for High Productivity


One more profitable program, ProgPoW Miner, was recently released on the ASIC-stable ProgPoW algorithm. This unique utility supports AMD and NVidia. With 100% utilization of graphics card resources, ProgPoW Miner users achieve high levels of hashing.

ProgPoW Miner

Key elements of the ProgPoW algorithm

The advanced ProgPoW algorithm is a new version of the POW consensus algorithm with Ethash hashing. The developers of the utility sought to create a miner that would bring the potential of video cards to the highest possible level of performance. So, in the ProgPoW miner, video cards are the basic devices for mining blocks. What are the features of the ProgPoW algorithm and how does it affect the main cycle of the miner? Here are a few important points:

  1. The ProgPoW algorithm operates to enhance mixed functions;
  2. Adding an unpredictable mathematical sequence to the main mining process;
  3. Reads from a small, low-latency cache, with support for random addresses;
  4. DRAM increases from 128 bytes to 256 bytes.

In theory, the development of an ASIC for use in a ProgPoW miner is quite likely, but it is hardly good in terms of the results. Therefore, these are AMD and Nvidia video cards that are optimally compatible with that mining program. 

What you need to know about ProgPoW Miner

This unique miner is a ProgPoW pilot tool for users who have decided to make money on crypto mining. Here are its basic features:

  • Type of mining processes – OpenCL;
  • Actual benchmarking via arbitrary periods;
  • Generating a DAG on the GPU (there are more DAG files on the disk);
  • Stratum mining, in the absence of a proxy;
  • To work in the miner, you need to choose OpenCL devices;
  • CPU mining.

To start working in the program, there is a short manual. Read about it below.

ProgPoW Miner program – fast run


Here everything is extremely simple and not much different from the start of the other miners:

  1. Install the utility on your PC;
  2. Unzip where you need it;
  3. Edit it .bat file with the desired pool.

If you have already dealt with the installation, handle with the folders in the program. Here you will find three folders at once: AMD – for all graphics cards of the AMD type, CUDA 9.2 – for all graphics cards of the Nvidia type, with the exception of advanced 20x series graphics cards, CUDA 10 – for variants of new Nvidia graphics cards.

 What is inside the bat file?

To start working in the ProgPoW miner, you need to decrypt the bat file. Run the program on your device and specify the file name. So, if you are going to run a miner for Nvidia, then put the name of the utility progpowminer-cuda.exe. If you use AMD, then change the name to progpowminer-amd.exe.

Then, it’s time to sort out your wallet data. You will need to insert its address in a special line in the ProgPoW Miner program. Don’t forget to specify the farm data.

One more condition – you need to specify the address of the pool and the port, where you will mine. And remember that the @ icon is always placed before any address. At the end of the bat file, you should specify the pause argument so that in case of an error, the cause and error code is displayed.


The developers of ProgPoW miner posted the results on advanced video cards, which prove a pretty good hash rate. This is because the algorithm uses the capabilities of the cards almost 100% so that the devices produce amazing results. The fact is that the ProgPoW algorithm is similar to Equihash 144.5, although it is less memory-dependent. But the temperatures are the same, the core should be driven in about the same way. In general, mining experts agree – ProgPoW is the optimal algorithm for video cards in the mining process.


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