Polaris BIOS Editor: What is it and how to use?

Polaris BIOS Editor: What is it and how to use?


Polaris BIOS Editor is software designed to enhance the performance of video cards for mining, as well as adjust the BIOS timing of graphic cards for subsequent firmware. You get a fully automated utility for timing selection, this is a really important software for beginners.


The latest version of the program has been improved and released for AMD RX 590 cards. Basically, a new modification has been released thanks to the optimizations and tweaks of these video cards. It has improved interface and memory timing. In principle, there is nothing new except for the information listed above.
Personally, we suggest using the program if you have an RX 590 graphic card. The new updated version of Polaris Bios Editor 1.7.3 has added the next:

  • Timings have been changed;
  • New memory support and timings are added;
  • Tech maintenance for straps 1750 and above.


Unpack the software into a folder on the hard drive. After clicking on “Open Bios”, your firmware will open. The “Timing Strap” table contains your timings. Click “Save AS” (save settings), be sure to double-check the file, and do not reflash the original BIOS. The best reviews.

Why you may need BIOS firmware

The main purpose of the BIOS firmware is to increase the stability of the system’s functionality, correct errors that have occurred, in addition, using this process, you can add new supported video cards, processors, and more. In this case, you can contact companies that provide computer outsourcing for firmware.
However, some experts and ordinary users associate such a process with an extreme measure, which can only be carried out when serious problems have occurred in the motherboard. If you look at it, then in fact it is. After all, the maintenance of computer equipment carried out by the company is often associated with just such malfunctions and problems. After the firmware has been carried out, it seems that all the unpleasant nuances disappear, but perhaps it was not the firmware itself that helped in this, but the reset of the existing parameters to their original values.

 BIOS firmware

Is it worth reflashing?

If the whole system is functioning normally, then it simply does not make sense to replace the version. As a rule, the description of new versions contains a list of changes. Of course, if the problem that has arisen can be solved by reinstalling a new BIOS version, then it is still worth replacing it. It is also worth noting that with a possible flashing, a failure may occur and the entire system will be inoperative.

What do you need for (re)flashing?

As a rule, software like Polaris BIOS Editor is used. The program is capable of efficiently adjusting graphic card settings and configuration for your needs. But you should keep in mind that every separate utility supports a limited amount of devices. Thus, Polaris BIOS Editor suits AMD RX 590 only.


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