PhoenixMiner – What/Why/How?

PhoenixMiner – What/Why/How?


Let me explain PhoenixMiner to answer many of your questions. What kind of damage it has caused is the most important information you need now. If you didn’t notice any damage, there is most likely no damage. You can still quickly react to this situation and make yourself fully immune. To be safe, read carefully and follow my instructions.

You don’t know what happened.

Yes, we don’t know. Some shady activities are going on right now and NiceHash is taking preventive measures to warn all customers. It is impossible to determine if PhoenixMiner is malicious or not. This is likely one of your main questions. It is something I will attempt to explain as best I can. The best reviews.

know what happened.

Anonymous developers created Devfee miners

Claymore was the “imperialist” mining king. Since then, miners have been anonymous and kept their private lives secret. This is counter-intuitive because, if you are a successful lawyer, you want it to be legalized so that you can purchase houses, cars, yachts, and so forth. It is only legal to do illegal business. Coding and mining with the software are not acceptable reasons for an anonymous business. Tax evasion is one reason why businesses want to remain anonymous. Consider the number of money developers make each year. 


You may now say, “Well, NiceHash already access to 600.000 computers, so what’s the difference?” You know this. You know you gave NiceHash access, you know who it was and how it will be used. NiceHash doesn’t search for any private data on any PC. NiceHash uses your PCOnlyOnly for mining. Data is not being collected, and will never be collected. NiceHash can be held liable for any violations of laws if something goes wrong. If a miner created anonymously by a developer violates a law, who are you going to hold responsible? These developers are more likely than others to violate laws because they know they can avoid justice by hiding behind anonymity.

PhoenixMiner Anonymity

Is it difficult to get access to my Bitcoin wallet copy?

Are you able to mine Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency on your computer? Anyone with a large number of bitcoins (called the private key) can send them. This number is stored in the wallet.dat file. Did you encrypt the number? It won’t help. An attacker will wait for you to enter your password to unlock the computer. The keylogger would then intercept every key you press on the keyboard. You might be asking, “Did PhoenixMiner install keyloggers on my computer?” I don’t know. Although it is possible, such an analysis is quite expensive. It’s much more affordable to reinstall Windows. However, this is not enough. An attacker can still steal bitcoins from you if he has already captured your private key.


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