PhoenixMiner: What Is It? How To Use It?

PhoenixMiner: What Is It? How To Use It?


PhoenixMiner is software developed primarily for the Ethash blockchain encryption algorithm. The most popular coin functioning on the algorithm is Ethereum, but do not forget about its forks, sometimes their mining can bring more profit than mining the main coin.


PhoenixMiner is meant to mine on NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. The program squeezes the maximum possible power out of any device. The goal of the developers is to create the fastest Ethash miner with the lowest commission. The mining utility charges less than 1% of the computing power (0.65, to be precise). This means that for 3 hours of operation, the program will mine to the developer’s wallet in only 70 seconds. Speaking about similar miners, their developer commissions start from 1%.

What can be mined on PhoenixMiner?

The program is capable of working with several encryption algorithms:

  • Ethash (these are Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and their variations);
  • Dual coin-earning with Ethash and Blake2s algorithms. The program does not support other combinations, but if you set up this double mining correctly, you can increase your profit quite well;
  • ProgPoW (the developers entered it as an experiment, and it seems the experiment failed);
  • Ubqhash.
mined on PhoenixMiner

Only Ethash deserves attention from the algorithms on which the program is capable of working. In terms of the speed of work on it, the software really shows very good results in hashing speed, and not even on top-end equipment.

What hardware can PhoenixMiner run on?

The software requires Windows 64-bit or Linux operating system to run. If you are going to mine Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, then, you must download a version higher than 4.2. Modern versions support 256 DAG files and are able to work with all cryptocurrencies, while PhoenixMiner versions prior to 4.2 do not.
The program works with the graphic cards manufactured by NVIDIA and AMD, namely:

  • AMD devices – Vega, 560/70/80, 390, 290, 480/70/60, and even earlier series (if the needed video memory is provided on the card).
  • NVIDIA graphic cards – 2080 ti, 2080/70/60, 1080 ti, 1080, 1070 ti, 1070/60/50 ti series, and even earlier models (if the needed video memory is provided on the card).
PhoenixMiner run on

Downloading and installing PhoenixMiner

You can download the mining program from the official thread of the BitcoinTalk forum. It is very important to download software from trusted sources, because you may come across an installation file that has been edited by hackers and will steal some of the power of your equipment or infect your computer with viruses and try to steal important data.
PhoenixMiner does not demand installation. You just have to unzip the downloaded archive to a convenient place on your hard disk, and the program is ready to be configured and launched.

Setting PhoenixMiner

Setting up is done by changing the bat file a bit. The folder contains a sample of setting, by the analogy of which you can easily create your own bat file. Open it with notepad and change the pool address, wallet number and worker name. Then click “save as”, choose a directory and a name to save. It is important not to replace the existing one, but to create it as a new file so that the stock remains with you as a sample. All commands for controlling the miner through the boot bat file can be found on the official BitcoinTalk forum.

It is worth noting that the software can be very clearly rebuilt, taking into account all the features of your hardware. But if additional parameters are not specified in the bat file, the mining utility will start with the default parameters.


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