PhoenixMiner Review

PhoenixMiner Review


PhoenixMiner is a fast (maybe the fastest) Ethash miner with support for NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. It runs on 64-bit versions of Windows or Linux (tested by Debian and Ubuntu) and has a 0.65% commission (currently, this is the minimum percentage among competitors). The software was developed and released at the very beginning of 2017 by a group of anonymous programmers as an alternative to the popular Claymore Dual program. At first, there were doubts about how the fate of this model would turn out. Contrary to forecasts, the program has managed to compete with Claymore.

It quickly gained fans and became one of the most talked about on the BitcoinTalk forum. The main topic for discussion was thrown by the developers themselves, who declared Phoenix a higher level of performance (hashing speed) compared to the aforementioned competitor. This is a rather bold statement that needs independent verification. That is why in our review, we want to take a closer look at the benefits and technical capabilities of PxoenixMiner.

PxoenixMiner System Capabilities

The mining software offers the next:

PxoenixMiner System Capabilities
  • Support for NVIDIA or AMD graphic cards.
  • Runnable operating systems include Windows (64-bit) and Linux.
  • Monitoring through GPU-Z and MSI After Burner third-party software.

When tested, PxoenixMiner appears to be an interesting option for end-users. At the very least, setting up and working with it is no more difficult than with Claymore. Besides, on the BitcoinTalk forum, there is a constantly updated section about the software. There, the processes of work and setting are described in an accessible manner and in detail. The section is run by the miner developers themselves and gives access to the latest miner versions.
PxoenixMiner can be run with or without command prompt parameters through a configuration file. There is a backup file called ‘eppols’ with a list of Ethash mining pools for Phoenix. This allows you to effectively use the program as part of large farms: not only run a separate miner on each video card in the farm, but also copy files to other farms.
The program also supports remote control. Unfortunately, WindowsRemote Desktop (RDP) is not suitable for this purpose. Still, you can download VNC or TeamViewer. Both configuration files can be updated remotely online.
So far, we see that PxoenixMiner performs on the same level as most mining software does. It offers all the essential features and even more. See below for more details!

Benefits of PhoenixMiner

Benefits of PhoenixMiner

PxoenixMiner offers a number of benefits to its users. Check the list down below!

  1. It can mine cryptocurrencies on both Ethash and Ubqhash algorithms.
  2. The mining speed is approximately 0.4-1.3% faster than in other miners.
  3. This software has the lowest commission percentage of 0.65%.
  4. It supports graphics cards from both leading manufacturers – AMD and NVIDIA.
  5. The program creates DAG files automatically.
  6. PxoenixMiner demonstrates better stability and efficiency on earlier graphics cards compared to other miners.
  7. It supports secure pool connections over SSL.
  8. A dual mining function is available.


PxoenixMiner is a great choice for both amateur minors and big mining farms. It suits both NVIDIA and AMD devices and can be run on the most popular operational systems error-free. Based on its benefits list, we can definitely encourage our readers to use this miner.


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