OverdriveNTool Review

OverdriveNTool Review


Overclocking a video card is a measure taken by miners to improve hardware performance and ensure more productive cryptocurrency mining. For these purposes, special software is used. The procedure is quite delicate, since there is a possibility of device failure. For that reason, you should pick a software for overclocking carefully and taking into consideration all the possible aspects, including the manufacturing company and the graphical card model.

OvedriveNTool is just perfect for AMD hardware. Further, we will take a closer look at the features of the program and find out the principles of its operation.

OvedriveNTool: What Is It?

OverdriveNTool is a light utility for configuring your graphics card. It works with AMD graphics adapters only. The program is analogous to Wattool, but unlike it supports the latest models and drivers of video cards.
OverdriveNTool allows you to customize many parameters. For example, you can change the clock speed, increase or decrease the voltage. It is also possible to change the frequency of the graphic card memory. Another useful function of the program is changing the fan speed. You can set both minimum and maximum speed. It is worth seeing the review.
Additional settings include setting the maximal temperature and configuring the performance of the video card (in percent). You can also return all settings to their original state. You can save any created configuration in a separate profile and in the future, use them in various cases (for example, create your own profiles for maximum performance or to save energy).
OverdriveNTool is more suitable for overclockers or miners, since the program allows you to fine-tune the operation of your video card. Another pro is that the program can be downloaded absolutely free.

OvedriveNTool: What Is It?

Features of The Program

The overclocking utility offers its users the next:

  • Adjustment of frequency, voltage, and fan speed on video cards.
  • Support for AMD video adapters (only!).
  • Compatibility with the latest graphics cards.
  • The program does not require installation in the system.
  • Creation of profiles with different configurations.
  • Support for Windows XP and above.

How to Overclock With OvedriveNTool?


Though the program has an intuitive interface, certain knowledge and skills are still needed to overclock with it. To begin with, there is no clear-cut algorithm: you’ll need to check the stability of the video card yourself and adjust the settings based on the indicators.
Installation is pretty simple though:

  1. Download the utility file. Unzip the archive.
  2. The downloaded and unzipped file must be moved to an empty folder.
  3. Create a batch file for the program management, then, run OverdriveNTool.
  4. A table with adapter settings will pop up. Enter the values you need in the appropriate fields.
  5. Click on the Save button.

That’s it! Overclocking will start by default after that.

As for step 4, in OverdriveNTool, you can regulate:

  1. Core frequency and voltage;
  2. Fan speed;
  3. Maximal core temperature;
  4. Maximum power consumption values.

Go slow and do not try to do the impossible: every card has its limits. Only with wise handling, you can significantly increase the mining efficiency and keep the risk for the equipment to a minimum.


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