OverdriveNTool – Boost the Performance by Overclocking the GPU

OverdriveNTool – Boost the Performance by Overclocking the GPU


With that advanced tool, OverdriveNTool, you will boost your mining operations by many times. The impact on the overclocking speed – this is the key reason, that makes your work goes better way. This tool replaced WattTool after it finished working on the 17.7.2 driver version. The utility has proven itself well in mining and it is chosen by lots of novice traders. By the way, you can download the program from the official website of the provider free of charge.


Requirements for Making It Work

To start working on OverdriveNTool, your device must meet certain features:

  1. Common requirements: Windows 7 and the latest options;
  2. GPU: all the latest AMD options, Fury and some others;
  3. Driver model: 17.7.2 and the latest ones.

Basic Features

This original utility allows you to change or correct lots of characteristics. So, you can change the clock frequency, increase or reduce the voltage. It is also lets you change the frequency of the working cards. Another useful function of the program is the influence on the speed of fans. You can set both the minimum and maximum speed.

Basic Features

Program features:

  • Sets and adjusts the frequency, voltage and fan operation on video cards;
  • The utility only works with AMD video adapters;
  • The program can be started for all the latest models of video cards;
  • Easy work that does not require installation to the system;
  • Tool allows you to form profiles with different configurations;
  • OverdriveNTool supports Windows XP and higher.

Quick Start

OverdriveNTool is a small utility for configuring a video card. It only works with graphics adapters from AMD. The program is an analog of WattTool, but unlike it, OverdriveNTool supports the latest video cards. To use it, you can employ any folder on the computer’s media, preferably created only for that program.Everything you need for mining

Quick Start

Users have to perform the following actions:

  • Start OverdriveNTool;
  • Search for the original modes of AMD video cards;
  • Enter the necessary overclocking values and text them to the program file;
  • Configuring the file for automatic application of user-selected parameters and adding it to autorun.

Once you launch OverdriveNTool and tap on the drop-down menu, you will see the video accelerators installed in the system. Even those accelerators that are not supported by the utility will be displayed here.

Some Tips for OverdriveNTool Users

  • In case the driver chooses default voltages. The best solution is to reset and reapply the profile.
  • Change the fan modes. To do this you can turn off the “Fan” section for each GPU. To do this, just tap Ctrl + in the fan window.
  • To start working with additional modes, find them on the left screen side or tap right on the title.

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