NoDevFee – A self-explanatory utility

NoDevFee – A self-explanatory utility


All miners are faced with the need to pay a commission for using mining software. Even if you think that you are using a miner that does not charge a commission, then do not flatter yourself – this function is built into all the mining programs and in any case you pay the developer from 1 to 4%. It is possible to configure the miner so as to reduce the amount of the fee that will be charged from you. But this only reduces the efficiency of mining due to a decrease in the hash rate, which of course is not what we need at all. To avoid inefficiency, but at the same time not to pay a commission from the coins you earn, people specialized in solving digital money algorithms have developed the program called NoDevFee. The idea was perfectly realized and now everyone can find this software in the open access on GitHub and use it to their advantage.

How does NodevFee work?


The source code used by the mining device is decrypted, then the wallet address is changed and encrypted again. Naturally, we change someone else’s wallet to our own, so that now the mining commission goes to you, and not to the developer. You do not have to do it manually, since NoDevFee will find other people’s wallets and replace them with those that you specified during configuration by default.
Most miners utilize a similar algorithm to charge you fees, so the mentioned utility can be applied to almost all updates of most common programs, with only minor functional differences. The NoDevFee software successfully works with the following list of verified mining programs:

  • Cast XMR
  • CryptoNote by Claymore (for AMD general processor units)
  • ewbf
  • Excavator
  • XMR
  • Claymore’s Dual Ethereum + Decred_Siacoin_Lbry_Pascal AMD + GPU by NVIDIA
  • Minerdstm’s ZCash/Equihash NVIDIA Miner
  • Zcash by Claymore/Bitcoin GPU Miner
  • CryptoDredge
  • Jerry Miner
  • Claymore’s BitcoinGold (the software for general processor units by AMD)
  • ZecMiner
  • Bminer
  • SRBMiner
  • T-REX
  • MOD lbry
  • ccminer
  • PhoenixMiner
  • BTG NVIDIA miner

We have mentioned only the most used and well-known mining programs. The full list can be found on GitHub and the developers’ official website.

How to use NoDevFee?

To use the utility, you have to follow the next steps:

use NoDevFee
  1. Download the latest version of NoDevFee (9.9) on GitHub or from the developers’ official website. Unpack the archived file to any convenient place.
  2. Turn off the mining process.
  3. Open config.cfg with notepad++.
  4. Select the algorithm which wallet you want to replace and change to the address of your wallet, then save the file.
  5. Run NoDevFee.exe and start the mining process. And now, finally, begin mining the cryptocurrency without losses to pay the commission to the miner creator.

Final Thoughts

In our puny opinion, NoDevFee is the best solution for all the miners, regardless of their experience and final goals. If it’s possible to avoid a deviation fee, why not take an opportunity?


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