NiceHash Review

NiceHash Review


NiceHash cloud mining service works like an exchange. It connects sellers and buyers of computing power from all over the world. It allows you to buy and sell mining power for popular cryptocurrencies. NiceHash offers users all the conditions for maximum profit. The self-adjusting service is able to independently select a profitable mining algorithm.

How NiceHash Works

NiceHash Miner allows users to work with digital money in two directions:

  • sell the computing power of your PC (server, ASIC, workstation or farm);
  • take power for rent and earn money from mining.

A miner can earn no less than on other large cloud mining services, but with shorter hashrate lease terms.

Features of Mining on Nicehash

First of all, we note that NiceHash is not a classic cloud mining, where part of the capacity of the service itself is paid for. The platform is more of a power exchange. So, even if you do not have computing power, you still can mine with this service.
Buying and selling with NiceHash is also beneficial because the service has a user-friendly graphical interface. It allows you to work with various miner programs and mining devices (AMD, NVIDIA video cards, processors).

Nicehash on mining

The user simply launches the program. It searches for available devices for mining and starts them automatically. At the same time, the program selects the most profitable algorithms and coins at the moment. This allows you to get the maximum income.
Miners do not need to constantly monitor cryptocurrency rates. Digital coin rates are changing all the time, and you have to quickly reconfigure the farm, depending on the current market situation. NiceHash Miner takes over this work. Moreover, if necessary, it will automatically launch several miner programs for the production of different cryptocurrencies. The best review about mining.
Apart from this, the program has convenient statistics:

  • Balance increase charts;
  • Profit calculator;
  • API interface;
  • Calculation of the average daily income and the time of the nearest payment.

You can even find out the temperature of the video cards and the fan speed.

NiceHash Personal Account

If you already have an account on, then, select “Login” on the main page. Next, enter your username and password and get into your personal account.
The personal account interface consists of the following sections:

NiceHash Account
  • Cabinet. The cabinet displays the mining status, active orders, wallets and recent actions;
  • Mining. In this tab, the mining address, rig manager, history, and statistics are displayed. It is also possible to add a new rig there;
  • Exchange for exchange and trade;
  • Power market with full statistics for all orders and pools;
  • Wallets with an overview of all available wallets and cryptocurrency exchange.

In the section “My settings”, the user can make the necessary settings like change photo and personal information, select the language and currency, and so on. In this tab, you can also configure account security, turn on/off notifications, connect API, withdrawal addresses, etc. The most current reviews.


To enable the ability to buy orders, you need to go to Settings in your personal account, select “Purchase power” → Enable.
An additional method of protecting your account is connecting two-factor authentication. This setting restricts access to the user’s account by requesting a 2FA-code sent to the user on his mobile phone. To enable the 2-factor authentication function, go to your profile in the “My Settings” section. Next, select Security → Two-Factor Authentication. Enable two-factor authentication.


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