Nicehash – A Step-through Guideline

Nicehash – A Step-through Guideline


At the end of 2018, the Nicehash service sent out letters to customers with a proposal to test the new Nicehash OS for mining, created on the basis of Linux. In the test version of the software, which could be downloaded from the official site, the rig setting was disabled. Users could only start mining and observe the process in the personal account of the Nicehash platform.
Nhos (the first release of Nicehash) only supported NVIDIA GPUs. Red cards were added later in the updated OS release, the review of which we will present now.

How to record Nicehash OS for mining to a USB flash drive?

Nicehash OS

To create an image of a Nicehash crypto-mining system, you need a USB drive with a volume of 2 GB or more. You can download the archive from the platform by first creating an account. We will tell you how to do this a little later. The accounts of users who worked in the old version of Nicehash are saved, but you will need to change the password and reactivate the 2FA.
Follow the next steps:

  1. Enter the site;
  2. In your personal account, follow the link “Add New Rig” and select NiceHash OS for mining;
  3. Download the NiceHash OS (nhos) image to your hard drive;
  4. Download and install the program for recording iso-images called balenaEtcher;
  5. Connect a USB flash drive for nhos recording and start the process.

If several removable media are connected to your PC, click Select image and select the required flash drive. Then click Select dries and pick the software disk image for mining. The recording process is activated by pressing the Flash button. Please, note that all data on the USB drive will be erased, if you stored important information there, make a backup copy of your disk. After capturing the nhos mining image, close balenaEtcher.

Instructions for beginners: Creating a user account

Instructions for beginners

It’s pretty easy to create an account:

  1. Specify registration settings e-mail address and password.
  2. Go to your mailbox, open the letter and confirm the registration on the Nicehash service.

After successfully logging into your account, it is recommended to connect 2FA (two-step authentication) to enhance protection against hacking. For this:

  1. Install the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone.
  2. In your Nicehash account, go to the “Settings” section and open the “Security” column.
  3. Select activate FA and be sure to write down the secret key that appears in the pop-up window below the bar-code on paper. With it, you can easily transfer your account to another device.
  4. Turn on Google Authenticator, click “Add Account” and choose a method: scan the QR code or enter the key. After adding an account, the application will generate a random combination of 6 digits every 30 seconds.

How to activate the rig?

To configure Nicehash OS, you need to add your account’s BTC wallet to the system configuration file before starting. Open NHOS and enter your bitcoin purse address in the BTC field in the configurаtion.txt document. Do not remove anything in the first section (rig) and do not touch commas and other characters, just put the address between the quotes and save the changes. You can add the farm name in the worker column, but this is optional.


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