Nice hash miner brings profit even to beginners

Nice hash miner brings profit even to beginners


To earn money from mining digital coins, it is not enough to have special equipment, but it is enough to have access to tools such as Nice hash. If you install this advanced utility on your PC, you will earn crypto even without spending time on long monitoring of the market. The Nice hash miner perfectly tracks all processes in automatic mode, and you can only make a profit at a minimal cost.

General info

Find the best way to earn money using the Nice hash miner. The service first appeared 7 years ago in the city of Ljubljana. Since then, the company has made very good progress and conquered the global crypto market. Today, the Nice hash miner is known in many countries worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of investors, traders, and miners had the opportunity to verify the reliability of this resource and became its regular users. In fall 2017, Nice hash moved to a new platform with expanded functionality and an improved interface with support for English, Russian and Chinese.

Some amazing information on Nice hash:

  • More than 330 thousand daily visitors;
  • 160 thousand active miners per day;
  • More than 100 thousand earned PTS;
  • Over 4 million closed orders.

Do you want to join the army of crypto lucky users? Then download a Nice hash mining program to your device.

Information about nice hash

How to become a Nice hash user

To become a Nice hash user, do the following. First, go to the Nice hash website and create an account. Registration is pretty simple: you need to come up with a password, specify an email address, and click on the link from the email.

To provide an additional level of protection for your funds, activate two-factor authentication in your account settings. This will provide safety when you log in to the site, place orders, and withdraw funds.

Commission when withdrawing funds:

  • 4% when withdrawing an amount of less than 0.1 Bitcoin to an external e-wallet;
  • 3% when withdrawing to an external account the amount of more than 0.1 BTC;
  • 2% when transferring to the internal account of Nice hash amounts from 0.001 Bitcoin.

Replenishment of the internal wallet is also subject to commission depending on the amount.

using a nice hash

Configuring Nice Hash utility

Here everything goes strictly by stages. Follow them and you will succeed:

  • Download the software to your device. Take the miner only from the official Nice Hash website. There it is not infected with any malware. When installing, agree with everything that the installer asks. Nothing superfluous will be downloaded during the installation process.
  • Launch the software and choose the location closest to you. Next, click the BENCHMARK ALL button. This will start automatic verification and selection of the algorithm for mining with maximum profitability.
  • Fill in all the fields. The wallet field is mandatory. You must enter the number of the BTC wallet in it. You can enter any information in the worker field. This does not play a role in mining. If you don’t have a wallet yet, create one on the Nice Hash website in your account.
  • Start mining by clicking the “Start” button. In the statistics, you can find a report on the power of the hash rate issued and on which algorithm the work on cryptocurrency mining was carried out.

That’s all, now you can get to work.

nice hash settings

 Advantages of working on the utility

Mining on Nice Hash miner is convenient and profitable. Advantages of working in this program for the user:

  1. Easy to configure. You only need to download and install the app.
  2. Efficiency. By automatically determining the most profitable algorithm for mining, you keep a lot of time, because you do not need to constantly track the rates of different coins, the complexity of the network, and other subtleties. All the work will be done for you by the program algorithm.
  3. Versatility. This miner works with all video cards, and also makes it possible to extract crypto tokens due to the processor power.
  4. Payments in BTC. Regardless of what coin your equipment produces, the payment takes place in the most stable and constantly growing cryptocurrency.

The software will be a great option for novice miners or those who have time constraints. Since the software algorithms independently choose the most effective algorithm to work with, and you do not need to delve into all the subtleties of mining yourself.


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