NBMiner: Features, Commissions, and More

NBMiner: Features, Commissions, and More


To put it really simply, NBMiner is one of the mining utilities that works with both NVIDIA and AMD graphical processor units. The list of coins that are possible to mine with this software includes:

  • DubaiCoin;
  • ETH and Etherum Classic;
  • BeamCoin;
  • GRIN;
  • Ravencoin;
  • ERGO;
  • Callisto Network;
  • MOAC;
  • Metaverse ETP;
  • Super Zero Protocol, and a few more digital coins.

As of the time of writing, NBMiner is available for Windows only. It offers its users:

  • an opportunity to backup and recovery pool settings;
  • support for Secure Socket Layer bridging to mining pools;
  • the highest hash rate among console programs.


NBMiner dev fee is not the lowest one, to be honest. It ranges from 1% to 3%, in terms of the coin and pool you are mining. Thus, the lowest developer commission is for ethash etchash miners. It is just 1%.

How To Use NBMiner?

Use NBMiner

For a quick start, you have to:

  1. Download the program archived file from the developer’s official website or GitGub.
  2. Unzip the file in any place you are comfortable on your hard drive.
  3. Left-click the *bat file twice.
  4. Substitute the line YOUR_ADDRESS with your actual wallet number. Save the file.
  5. Left-click the nbminer.exe file twice. The mining process should start by default.

To give you an example of how the bat file should look like, let’s fasten our eyes to the command below:

nbminer.exe -a ethash -o stratum+tcp://eth.2miners.com:2020 -u YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID

This is an example of earning Etherum cryptocurrency through NBMiner. The underlined part is a pool (its network address and port) you are going to work on. YOUR_ADDRESS implies the number of your e-purse, and RIG_ID should be replaced with the name of your farm. If you do not have a particular worker name, you can substitute this line with RIG_1.

Apart from the commands mentioned above, you can also add in the end:

  • : x – some pools require a password during the registration process. If you have created one undergoing the logging procedure, put two-spot and indicate it. If not, just leave “x”.
  • -long -format – in case you want to see the program log.
  • -log – this command creates a program log file with the *txt extension.
  • -di 24 – can be used for dual mining only! It indicates the intensity of the utility.

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

So far, NBMiner is considered to be one of the most energy-consuming and memory-demanding software. On Windows 7, it needs 3 GB of random-access store minimum to mine less popular coins like Beam and SERO. On Windows 10, this value goes up to 4 GB. In case you want to earn GRIN, you will need whole 10 gigabytes. Gpu overclocking will be useful for mining

To Sum Up

Though NBMiner offers high hash rates and beneficial features for its users, the program may seem complicated for beginners. The commands we have listed above are just a small share of all the lines console fans are supposed to know and utilize. So, if you do not have time to see into the software peculiarities, consider other options.


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