MultiBit HD: Installation Guide

MultiBit HD: Installation Guide


MultiBit is a simple client wallet for Windows, macOS and Linux that is created on the basis of BitCoinJ technology. Its key benefits over the original Bitcoin client are the ability to open several e-purses at once and the absence of the necessity to download a multi-gigabyte blockchain. MultiBit HD is the latest modification of the service, so we will take a closer look at it further.

To install the e-purse, just download the installer file from the official site (its weight is only 33 MB), and then, launch it. Installation is quick and smooth. The only thing that might raise the question is the association with the files. If you have payment request files with the extension .bitcoinpaymentrequest and you want to open them in the future using a wallet, then leave a tick. If not, remove it.
What are these payment requests? This is a new way to make Bitcoin payments. Instead of sending someone your Bitcoin address and asking them to pay for it, you send a Payment Request, which contains more information, not just a bare address. In addition, payment requests are associated with digital identification and signature, so if you pay someone for such a request, you can always be sure that you are paying to the right person or seller.

Guide on MultiBit HD

Creating a wallet

So, your MultiBit HD wallet is installed, and you can start using it. The undoubted plus (it is also a minus from the point of view of security) of “light” clients is that there is no complete synchronization with the blockchain and you can start working immediately, and not wait three days.
At launch, you are greeted by a step-by-step “Setup Wizard”, which helps to make the initial configuration of the client and right from the start it offers to choose a language (by the way, the client supports 40 languages). Press the “Next” button. In the pop-up window, you’ll be offered to add a hardware purse. If you have it, agree and proceed. Next, create a new wallet. Latest news about wallets.
Before creating a wallet, the “Setup Wizard” will ask you a couple of questions to protect your coins from intruders. Then, just follow the next steps to create a new e-purse:

MultiBit HD: creating a wallet
  • specify the folder for backups;
  • write down the timestamp and mnemonic phrase (required for restoration);
  • confirm the phrase;
  • create a password (needed to send transactions) and confirm it;
  • press the “Finish” button and go directly to work with the wallet.

Loading and logging into the wallet will always follow the same principle. First, the client will ask you to enter the password for your purse. Click on “Unblock”. The wallet is loaded, then, there is a connection to the BTC network and synchronization. Click on the “Finish” button and get into the interface of our wallet. That’s it! Now, you can work with your digital purse.


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