LolMiner: How Does It Work

LolMiner: How Does It Work


In the first half of 2019, Lolliedieb presented a new product – the LolMiner. With it, you can mine cryptocurrency on the Equihash 96, 144, 192, 150 algorithms (Beam coin) and, starting from version 0.8, on algo cuckatoo31 (Grin coin). Users call that utility program one of the best, especially for “red” cards. Support for most “green” cards from Nvidia is also available, but the stability and speed of LolMiner on them are questionable.

To operate on the LolMiner, ordinary Windows drivers are good enough. Thanks to advanced algorithms, you will get a good increase in hash rate and mining income, and you will also mine the Grin coin on the most AMD cards.


As everywhere else, the developers of LolMiner do not work for free. The commission is 1 percent, that is, your miner will operate in favor of the software developers for about 15 minutes per day. Not so much, considering the level of profitability, isn’t it? How to mine on the Lolliedieb program? Below there are a few working algorithms.

Mining on LolMiner is easy: a guide for a quick start

In order to start mining crypto currency, do the following:

  • Download the archive with LolMiner program;
  • Unzip it to your device;
  • Change the wallet to your own in the file with the extension .bat.

In order to use the mining equipment, you need to configure the .bat file. To do that run LolMiner.exe and text the program title that you are going to launch. After that, choose the type of crypto you are going to mine. Tap BEAM option and open the special settings. Then, choose the address of the pool and determine the port. Create a wallet at any exchange you like. Put a period and specify the farm ID. It is only needed to track statistics on the pool.  

Mining conditions

LolMiner program
  1. A [algo] arg. Figure out the algorithm for mining. This is a kind of alternative to the “coin” mode.
  2. pers arg. Specify the personalization line. This is required when using the “algo” option on Equihash algorithms.
  3. Benchmark arg. Start with testing. This will start the mining simulation. Coins will not be mined.


For the extraction of crypto money, the LolMiner program is suitable for all those who use video cards by AMD and on cuckaroo31. This is a highly productive miner that allows you to make a profit in the short and long term. By the way, LolMiner modules are also used by other developers, for example, for the GMiner program to work with AMD cards.

On the RX generation graphics cards, you can mine Grin coins even on weak RX464 level cards and old R9 290 cards. Based on the test results, it is safe to say that the first releases of the R9 280 and 290/290X series can bring a decent profit with low energy consumption when using LolMiner.


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