LolMiner: A Detailed Guide

LolMiner: A Detailed Guide


Quite recently, ZelCash developers carried out a hard fork called Kamiooka. The update pleased with the new ZelHash sequence, which rid the cryptocurrency network of ASICs and FPGA units. Since that moment, ZEL has regularly been at the top of digital money earning power. If you have AMD graphical cards, it is better to resolve “coin puzzles” using lolMiner, which is also suitable for other algorithms. Let’s get to know the program better.


LolMiner: Overview

This is a miner with support for Cuckatoo and Equihash sequences. The software is designed for “red” flashed cards, that is, manufactured by AMD. Most “green” devices by NVIDIA are also supported, but the efficiency of the program on them is debatable. The utility creators themselves indicate this fact on the BitcoinTalk forum.
As elsewhere, the developers do not work for free. The commission is 1 percent, that is, your device will work for the software creators for about 15 minutes on a daily basis. Personally, we think it’s an average dev fee for mining utilities.

LolMiner Characteristics And Settings

LolMiner Characteristics

The software runs in systems with the following minimum requirements for graphical card memory, in GB:

  • Equihash96/5 – 1.4;
  • Equihash144/5 – 1.8;
  • Equihash150/5 (Beamcoin) – 2.8;
  • Equihash192/7 – 3;
  • Equihash210/9 – 1;
  • Cuckatoo31 – 3.9.

The configuration of the algorithm-solving process in Lolminer is carried out using a notepad file with the next commands:

lolMiner.exe —coin <coin code> —pool <pool address> —port <port number> —user <wallet or username> —pass <password> —tls <value> —asm 1

And now, to provide an example, while getting MNX currency on minexpool, the *bat file is supposed to look as follows:

lolMine.exe —coin MNX ——port9989 —user XQZoBeGPZJeLhTdkcF8bScsNH5Wyesd9g4.lolRig —pass x —asm 1

Note: if you work with the assistance of Nicehash utility, the tls specification is at zero.What tools are there to help?
When working on pools with automatic coin change, you may utilize the auto specification. For instance, while being registered on Zergpool, the prompt line for mining on the Equihash192 sequence will be as shown below:

lolMiner.exe –coin AUTO192_7 –pool –port2244 –userwallet –pass c = BTC, rig –devices0-2 (for graphical cards 1 to 3 in mixed Riga) –tls 0

Testing Lolminer on RX470

Lolminer on RX470

RX470 in the Lolminer miner demonstrates the following hash:

  • Equihash96 – 12-13 ksol / s;
  • Equihash144 – 21-23 sol / s;
  • Equihash192 – 13-14 sol / s;
  • Equihash150 (Beamcoin) – 9-10 sol / s.

Consumption on Equihash algorithms with downshifting on the core up to 880 mV is about 85 watts on GPU-Z. Consumption is slightly lower on Cuckatoo31.

Testing Lolminer on R9 290/290X

R9 290/290X in the Lolminer miner demonstrates the following hash rate:

  • Equihash96 – 13 ksol / s;
  • Equihash144 – 30 sol / s;
  • Equihash192 – 18-19 sol / s;
  • Equihash150 (Beamcoin) – 9-10 sol / s

Lolminer 0.8 testing on R9 290 was carried out at 1000 MHz core and 1370 MHz memory. The consumption of the R9 290 card via the VDDC Power In line via the GPU-Z is 134 watts.


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