Let’s Talk About Awesome miner

Let’s Talk About Awesome miner


We would like to share with you an overview of one of the most popular and effective programs for monitoring your mining farms in 2021 – Awesome miner. This extremely interesting application stands apart from a number of similar software, since it combines three in one: a mining farm control panel, market monitoring, and a news aggregator. For effective work, you don’t even need to study and analyze the state of affairs in the cryptocurrency industry: a smart program will do everything for you!

Awesome miner: Overview

Awesome Miner is one of the best mining software. It is quite functional and allows you to bring the process of mining digital coins to automatism, to the point that it is able to independently choose assets. From the point of functionality, this is software for more experienced miners, despite the fact that its interface is simple enough to understand. The program is paid, but you can always find a free version (however, at your own risk).

Awesome miner: Overview

Awesome Miner can serve up to ten farms at the same time, and some versions already support hundreds of installations (but for household mining, this is definitely too much). The program is capable of:

  • analyzing the market and choosing the best coins by itself;
  • monitoring the state of devices, including the temperature and load on the cores;
  • providing built-in statistics.

How to Set Up Awesome Miner

If you indicated that your computer is a mining farm, then at the next step, you need to select the algorithm of the currency you are going to mine. Depending on the algorithm and the devices used, choose the software for mining, the way to install it (or leave everything as it is), and then, register the pool settings.
After you have configured everything, the main program window will open. There are many flexible settings available, there is everything you need for mining. You can choose any of the TOP-50 cryptocurrencies, or set up a new currency for mining manually.
The required miner will be automatically downloaded and configured, you only need to specify the address of the pool and wallet. It is possible to integrate MSI Afterburner, and control the operation of video cards on all connected farms. You can collect farms into groups, assign their settings to each group, and manage them with the click of a button.
The program can also automatically switch to mining more profitable coins at the moment using the Awesome Profit Switching function. It is possible to configure sending notifications about the status of the farm in different ways, including by SMS, but in the free version, this function is inactive. In addition, the program collects farm statistics and keeps logs.

In general, the program is user-friendly, there is no need to go deep into the subtleties of setting. At the same time, it has advanced functionality for professional miners, even in the free version.


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