Ledger Live: Main Characteristics

Ledger Live: Main Characteristics


On July 9, 2018, the CEO of the Ledger company, Eric L’Arshevek, announced the launch of a new product, Ledger Live. In a blog post, the companies state that this is a big step in the area of cryptocurrency wallet interfaces. The peculiarity of the novelty lies in the principle of “All in one”, that is, the management of all its assets through a single window. It is worth noting that before Ledger Live appeared, the user was asked to download three Chrome extensions in the Google Chrome store – Ledger Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. When using different coins, users had to constantly switch between these extensions, which made working with the Ledger Nano S inconvenient.
And now, let’s go through the main features of the new item.


Ledger Live is a standalone program for the operating system, not a browser extension. It is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. First, we need to install the distributive and select the directory for installing the wallet files. These files are encrypted using a password that you set when installing the application.

Intuitive interface

Ledger Live

The main window is in light colors and is pleasantly perceived. Sections such as menus, accounts and settings are structured and located in intuitive places. A large chart that updates the balance in real time is quite pleasing. It should be noted that account balances are displayed in fiat currency, which we can select in the program settings. The option to change the block-chain provider is also available.

Portfolio of accounts

A feature of the program that distinguishes it from all the others is Portfolio of accounts. This is the area where you can upload all of your accounts. You can load different coins and account types, both standard and “legacy”. The accounts will be displayed as cards below the chart. Each of them will update the balance in the form of the corresponding cryptocurrency and its fiat currency equivalent. A small diagram harmoniously complements the look of the card. By clicking on it, you can see a larger balance chart and display all the transactions we have made within this account. Any of the transactions can be detailed using the “View in Explorer” button.

Ledger Live is an All-in-One application. We can receive and send funds, monitor accounts of different coins in real time – where else can you find such a feature?

Monitoring funds

monitoring Ledger Live

Another feature of Ledger Live that we would like to mention is the monitoring of cash balances without connecting a hardware device. The application can be run without a hardware wallet to monitor money and receive funds.

Summing up

In our puny opinion, Ledger Live is a big step in the development of cryptocurrency wallets. We really like the option to manage all the assets through a single interface. This is what modern digital wallets lack – simplicity. However, we would also like to note disadvantages, such as the lack of the ability to work with ERC-20 tokens and some other cryptocurrencies. We hope that these drawbacks will be corrected in the near future.


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