Ledger Live Focus: Real-time balances and multi-currencies

Ledger Live Focus: Real-time balances and multi-currencies


Ledger Live This is the new way you can manage all your crypto assets and your Ledger device in one place. This powerful, yet easy-to-use app replaces many of the older Chrome-based apps like Ledger Manager and currency apps.

Ledger Live adds new features to make it easier for you to transact, own, and monitor cryptocurrencies.

We will be taking a deeper look at two new features in the first blog.


Ledger Live supports all of the major cryptocurrencies today will keep adding new ones all the time.


No matter if you are new to Ledger or have been using our products for a while, we have done everything to ensure that you have the best user experience possible. Atiflash firmware will be to the rescue.

This includes a simpler and faster process to set up new cryptocurrency accounts or import existing Ledger accounts.

New accounts

It is easy to create a new crypto account by clicking the + button on the Ledger Live dashboard and giving it a name.

If you want to split your currency holdings, you can also create multiple accounts (e.g. Retirement Bitcoin Fund and New Car Bitcoin Fund

You can change the name of your account by simply opening it and clicking on the wrench icon in the upper right-hand corner.

New accounts: Ledger Live

Importing accounts from other countries

Transferring currency wallets from Ledger Live to Chrome apps is easy if you’ve previously created them.

During the initial Ledger Live setup, you will be asked to add accounts.

Choose the cryptocurrency type you want, and then open the appropriate app on your Ledger device.

Ledger Live will then import details of your holdings.

You can also import existing accounts by clicking on the + button beside ‘Accounts on the left-hand side menu.

Manage crypto apps on your ledger device

Install the appropriate crypto app on your Ledger wallet to store security keys.

You can do this from the Ledger Live ‘Manager’ screen. Click ‘Install’ next to any app to enable a new cryptocurrency asset on Ledger.

You can also delete apps from your Ledger by clicking on the trash icon.

Review your investments

You will want to monitor the value of your assets, regardless of whether you are a long-term investor or a Hodl plan. Ledger Live’s live balance gives you constantly updated prices for every cryptocurrency.

You can also see a chart of each cryptocurrency by clicking on the account in your portfolio.


You can switch between the previous week, month, or year on every rate chart. 

You can click on different points to see the historical value of your holdings.

Fiat currency rates

Ledger Live lets users choose between a variety of rate providers (18 at Launch) and fiat currencies (23) at Launch

Click the settings icon to change your provider or fiat currencies. You can also use the Countervalue’ and the Rate provider’ menus to set your preferences.

When sending or receiving money with Ledger Live’s transaction tools, the same currency provider and settings are used.


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