Jaxx: Details You Have To Know!

Jaxx: Details You Have To Know!


With the advent of a large number of cryptocurrencies, users have a demand for resources to store them. If, initially, each cryptocurrency had its own digital purse, then over time these resources ceased to be relevant, because it became inconvenient to have several wallets that can store only one crypt at a time. This encouraged developers to create multi-currency utilities, and one of the most popular resources (from this perspective) is the Jaxx wallet. Let’s find out what is it and how to use it!


The Jaxx e-purse is a resource created in 2014 that is designed to store a large number of cryptocurrencies. Every year, this number is increasing, and if in 2014, it supported about 10 cryptocurrencies, today, it can store 51 digital coins. This wallet is famous for its security, which is ensured by the ability to backup, set a pin code and a private key. The Jaxx platform is developed by Decentral, a company registered in Toronto, Canada. Thanks to the integration of the purse with the Shape Shift exchange, an internal exchange is available for users with minimal commissions. Everything you need for gpu overclocking.

jaxx liberty

Registration of the Jaxx wallet

In order to proceed to the registration of the Jaxx app on your device, first of all, you need to visit the official website jaxx.io, and go to the “DOWNLOAD” section. In this section, you can find a wide variety of versions. The developers have made sure that you are in a position to install your wallet on various operating systems.

After downloading the installation file, you need to install it as a normal program. The first step after the program starts is confirmation and agreement with the working conditions, which you must confirm by clicking on “CONTINUE” and “ACCEPT”.

  • Step 1. First confirmation at registration – “Release Notes”;
  • Step 2. Second confirmation at registration – “End user license agreement”.

After accepting all the terms and conditions of the e-purse, you will be prompted to create a new wallet or restore the old one. Choose the required option and press “CONTINUE”. After that, you will be asked to choose 2 types of wallets: Express and Custom. In fact, these two versions are no different from each other, so choose whichever you want. But, personally, we advise you to use CUSTOM.

After that, you will be transferred to the Jaxx wallet main page. To get the address of your wallet, you need to open the purse of the required cryptocurrency. The list of available digital coins is located at top of the page. The number of the digital money wallet itself can be found a little below.

Jaxx wallet

To send cryptocurrencies to another wallet, you need to click on the “SEND” button, and fill in the appropriate lines. In the Receiving Address field, you must write the recipient’s wallet address, in the Amount field, write the sending amount. Click on the blue “Send” button. Gpu overclocking will be useful for miners

Configuring Jaxx Wallet Security

Clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the Jaxx wallet window will open its menu. To make your account more secure, you need to go to the Settings section and select “Setup Security PIN”. After that, you will have to come up with a pin code for your purse. In the same section, you can restore your Jaxx wallet and set up the transaction fees. Recovery, i.e. the e-purse backup, is done using a 12-word phrase.

In the “Menu” section, you can add the wallets you need and set parameters for measuring the value of cryptocurrencies in the equivalent of the required currencies. The Wallets and Currency tabs will help you with this.


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