How to remove XMRig CPU Miner?

How to remove XMRig CPU Miner?


A few years ago, the standard classification of well-known malicious software took only a few lines. The world knew about Trojans, keyloggers, viruses, and spyware, capable of collecting information about a computer without the user’s consent and then, transferring it to third parties for further processing. Over time, trackers, special mechanisms that track user actions in the browser (which resources were visited in the last day, week and month, which version of the operating system was selected, which browser was used), appeared. But thanks to anonymizers (VPN, TOR), they weren’t a real threat.

The world had already counted on a temporary lull, but unexpected threats emerged from the camp of malicious software. This is how the mining virus appeared, which allows fraudsters to extract cryptocurrency, not on their own equipment (it is still quite costly to keep a dozen video cards and the same number of power supplies to maintain the maximum load), but by embedding computers of millions of users from all over the world into the distribution network. An uninformed PC owner will not notice why the RAM is 80-90% busy, and the processor can barely cope with one open browser, but the fraudster will have every chance to complete the blockchain. The best way to avoid such problems is to visit only trusted sources and download those files that have been tested for viruses. This does not affect trading in any way.

XMRig CPU Miner: What Is It?

XMRig CPU Miner

XMRig is described as a mining program. However, after its release, more and more users started complaining about the poor performance of their devices. Why is it so? Basically, the mentioned program is fake. It enters the system with the help of “droppers”, cunning, mimicking standard services and software processes, encrypting the real work of malicious software. Fortunately, it’s possible to completely remove it from a PC.

How to Remove XMRig Manually?

So, it’s time to figure out how to clean your personal computer from XMRig and return the operating system to its former performance. For that, you may need special system tools that can detect viruses, spyware and other malware. Personally, we suggest HitmanPro or Malwarebytes. Follow the next steps:

Remove XMRig
  1. Download the portable version of HitmanPro to your computer, and then, run the appropriate distribution kit (there are two versions in the archive, designed for 32 and 64-bit systems) with administrator rights.
  2. If the distribution kit is selected correctly, a standard navigation menu will appear on the screen, where settings, a news block with the latest developments of developers and a short description of the mechanisms of operation of the selected tool are available. If the initial acquaintance is completed, then, click on the “Next” button!
  3. The next step is optional registration in the system. You can easily skip it.
  4. Select the item with a one-time scan at the moment (if you want to carry out the procedure constantly, and even in automatic mode, you will have to pay). Click on the Next button.

The entire scan procedure takes a few minutes. When the anti-virus program is running, the browser and some individual software may close. And yet, you should not worry about losing important data before using the tool, a backup copy of the system is mandatory. After completing the check, it is important to reboot, because when the operating system is turned on again, HitmanPro will start working with autorun and will try to delete those files that could not be interacted with immediately. As practice suggests, not a single mining virus has experienced such a rough cleaning.


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