Hive OS: overview and the utility functions

Hive OS: overview and the utility functions


Wishing to make money on mining farms? Install the universal tool Hive OS. This software is easy to manage and it brings a high profit even to novice users. The main thing is to understand the work of the program and choose the correct algorithms for operations.

Hive OS is a specialized operating system developed for miners not so long ago. With it, you can easily set up the mining of popular coins on one or several farms. That high-performance utility provides users with extensive opportunities for mining cryptocurrencies on video cards or ASICs. The optimal location for downloading the utility is the official website of Through it, you can configure the mining of coins of interest, as well as manage the mining process from anywhere in the world.

Why should I download Hive OS?

If you are looking for a high-quality platform for crypto earnings, then Hive OS is the best utility. Working in this program, you can quickly configure and control mining on both GPUs and ASIC devices. Its key advantages: 

  • Easy setup, even a beginner will handle that. Just download the software to your PC and start working instantly. The mining tool will automatically detect the devices connected to the farm and add them to the control panel.
  • All options are on the same panel. Here you will find hash rate indicators, online statuses, GPU errors, how efficiently teams work, the amount of power consumption, and pool settings. Also, the program supports the remote access function. Fixes problems or reboots hardware. Massively updates the entire farm.
  • Easy to operate. You can quickly set up all the existing workers. You can switch pool combinations and wallets. If you need to change the settings of the miner – you will do it in a second.
  • Receive notifications on Telegram and Discord. Alerts are sent about equipment performance, temperature, hash rate, etc.
  • Work, using mobile on Android or iPhone.
Download Hive OS

Start working in the Hive OS utility right now and find more benefits. By the way, another convenient option from the program manufacturers: the developers provide a Hive OS pool on which you can mine selected cryptocurrencies.

The Hive OS mining tool has integrated the most popular programs for mining coins:

  • Claymore Dual Ethereum Miner + Claymore ZCash Miner;
  • CCminer;
  • XMR Stak CPU;
  • EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner;
  • Claymore CryptoNote Miner.

Creating an account

To configure Hive OS, first register on the official website. Be sure to provide the following information about yourself:

  1. User Name;
  2. Account Login;
  3. Email address;
  4. Time zone;
  5. User Password.

After registering in the Hive OS program, your account will be available. It will store information on the balance, login, and status of the farms. For security, always use two-factor authentication. This way you will protect your account from hacking.

Among all the options presented for video cards, it is important to choose one of three: ASIC, GPU or AMD Vega. You can download items, using a regular archive or torrent; clickable buttons are located on the right side of the monitor.

For all the necessary items to be saved, take a flash drive of 8 GB or SSD disk. Or use a removable disk, since it is designed for a larger number of write cycles, which means that it will be more productive and will not wear out so much, unlike a USB.

Account in Hive OS

How much does it cost?

The software is provided free of charge if you have four workers running. However, only if the Hiveon pool is used. Otherwise, either pay $3 per month or use only one worker. Also in the free version, only three days of statistics are given, the functionality is limited. Hive OS support will be available.

You get the full functionality of the program, a month of statistics, SLL connection, the ability to simultaneously manage multiple farms. Support is provided via email or in the community.


Computing power, stability of mining applications, and operating algorithms have a big impact on the profitability of the equipment. The main purpose of the Hive OS program is to ensure the smooth operation of mining devices and connect the equipment to the network. Hive OS allows you to remotely monitor the mining farm, make the necessary adjustments and regulate the current processes. It is recommended to enable sending messages about problems in the work of the farm to a phone number, Skype or Telegram.


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