GUIminer: Only True Facts

GUIminer: Only True Facts


Cryptocurrency mining is one of the ways to earn digital coins. If a year ago almost everyone who was interested in tokens presented an opportunity to earn money exclusively in the format “bought a cryptocurrency, waited for the rate to rise and sold it at a higher price,” today everything has changed dramatically. Mining Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin is, of course, quite complicated from a technical point of view. The networks of these coins are so large and overloaded that it becomes almost impossible to mine on your own using your PC. But there are tons of other very promising altcoins out there. Today we will talk and note GUIminer reviews from those who have already independently mined digital coins.

What is GUIminer?

GUIminer software is one of the most well-known programs for solving Bitcoin and Litecoin algorithms, as well as a number of other promising altcoins. Basically, it is a miner software for beginners precisely because it has an intuitive graphical interface. It is convenient and simple to work with. You can set up everything in just a few minutes and start mining cryptocurrency.
Currently, GUIminer supports 2 types of mining:

  • GPU mining (carried out using NVIDIA and AMD GPUs);
  • CPU mining.

Among the modes, there are solo mining and cryptocurrency mining in pools. As soon as you enter GUIminer, you will see a whole list of different pools to choose from, which is very convenient.

Main features of GUIminer

GUIminer is already configured by default to work with popular pools. Thus, there is no need to configure the connection manually. Also, it has statistics for each miner in one place. The software is very user-friendly. For example, it can show the following indicators:

  • hashing speed;
  • number of invalid/accepted shares;
  • the total number of shares per hour.
Main features of GUIminer

The current account balance will be displayed online. There is a function to automatically start several miners at once (immediately after the pool is launched). The program can be minimized to the area where notifications are displayed. It’s enough to view mining statistics.
It is especially important to note that GUIminer works with OpenCL software. You can use video cards of very different formats, types and manufacturers.

GUIminer Scrypt

GUIminer Scrypt

It’s a separate modification (improvement). It allows you to mine digital money chains. Simply put, this software variation allows you to mine different types of cryptocurrencies (including relatively inexpensive at the exchange rate) all at the same time.
It also has many modes. For example, you can choose the so-called CUDA mining. And such one very easily adapts to the Vertcoin cryptocurrency (the maximum efficiency of digital coin mining will be observed).


If you still think that GUIminer is not the optimal tool for mining cryptocurrency on Windows, then you make a huge mistake. All the trick is in the simplest graphical interface. There is no need to edit configuration files or enter complex commands, for example. Mining on GUIminer is a great option for both professionals and beginners.


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