Guiminer: Briefly about the program

Guiminer: Briefly about the program


Guiminer was designed by a programmer under the pseudonym Kiv MacLeod in February 2011 based on poclbm, rpcminer and bitcoin-miner applications by ufasoft. As of the time of writing, modification of the program has been terminated, the last update was released on December 3, 2012. The unofficial site of Guiminer supporters is not affiliated with the developer, but is developed by third parties.


Features and functionality of Guiminer

The software offers the next features:

  • It’s free to use.
  • It is meant for mining crypto coins on graphic cards and GPUs by NVIDIA and AMD.
  • The app promotes solo mining and coin-earning on pools according to the PoW consensus algorithm with the SHA-256 hash feature.
Functionality of Guiminer

Due to its ease of use, the application was widely utilized until 2013 for solving algorithms of bitcoin and similar coins. After the increase in the complexity of earning BTC and its forks, work on its development was discontinued.

Advantages and disadvantages of the utility

Guiminer’s advantages are as follows:

  • The utility is free and easy to use.
  • The openness of its source code allows you to utilize it for your own development by novice programmers.

The disadvantages of the app include:

  • Guiminer is outdated for a long time, does not support up-to-date digital money mining algorithms and modern equipment.
  • Most pools listed in the app database are no longer functional.
  • The SHA-256 algorithm, which is supported by the program, isn’t effective and profitable for working on graphic cards and general processor units.

Setting up Guiminer for mining

Setting up Guiminer

To begin mining with Guiminer, do the next:

  1. Run the utility.
  2. Undergo the logging procedure in the pool you intend to mine on.
  3. In the main menu of the app, select the desired pool. Just click on the “Server” tab, or choose the Other line and fill in your data about the host (like IP and networking port).
  4. Fill in the logname and password you’ve registered in the pool.
  5. In the pop-up list, select the device on which the mining of the digital coin will be carried out.
  6. After that, pick the intensity of production by choosing the value of CPU Affinity (from zero to 7).
  7. Click on Start. After that, the algorithm-solving process begins. If the start button is not visible in the program interface, you should stretch the app window by clicking on its bottom edge and pulling down.

Setting up mining on a modified variant of the Guiminer application using the Scrypt algorithm is similar to the main version of the miner. Setting up solo mining requires installing a full-fledged bitcoin client, the path to which must be set through the solo mode menu.

Solo mode

Solo mining of bitcoin on graphic cards and general processor units has not been relevant since 2012, so this mode of operation can only be utilized for educational purposes. Overclocking video cards during mining can be done using MSI Afterburner, or by entering additional parameters for the poclbm console application in the appropriate field.


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