Get The Benefits Of The Bitcoin Miners Of Cgwatchers

Get The Benefits Of The Bitcoin Miners Of Cgwatchers


CGWatcher is a CGMiner and BFGMiner Bitcoin Miners GUI (32-bit and 64-bit). In addition to providing the miner with a graphical interface, the miner can monitors and fix issues as identified, minimising downtimes. It is not CGMiner or BFGMiner linked; it helps to make sure that they remain operating whilst offering some easy access.

It works through the miner’s API that is built to communicate with the mine operator. While various web apps allow these miners to be monitored remotely, this is not CGWatcher’s aim. It is designed to run on the same computer as the operator and will check the conditions that you define to determine whether the operator works correctly. Unless the problem has been resolved, CGWatcher takes the right measures. The goal is to design a tool to monitor yourself so that you do not continually check your miners using these Web services. Сheck out the reviews here

Bitcoin Miners Of Cgwatchers

CGWatcher is a .NET application which is lightweight and portable. It runs in 64-bit Windows and in 32-bit Windows as a 64-bit application. If you don’t trust it, settings and profiles may not be stored if the system is used within sandbox environments such as Sandboxie. The app consists of a few libraries  and creates its own files (CGWatcher.exe.ini), log (cgwatcher.log), mining event log (miner.log) (profiles.dat, config.dat).


Mining monitoring – Settle the mining status check interval (in seconds). So often CGWatcher updates mining information. The checking functions must also be enabled to use:.

  • Reset the miner if the total hashrate for the given amount of seconds falls below the provided number or percent of an average hashrate. Hashrates for sha256 and script can be specified separately.
  • Reboot miner when CGWatcher has full API access, but only read-only access is available (in the same miner process) or if the API access has been enabled but has been entirely lost.
  • If the accepted shares or the total shares do not grow for X number of minutes, restart the miner or PC.
  • Restart the miner to cover any faults that other controls may have missed after X hours of continued mining. This ensures the downtime at worst is restricted to the number of hours you set here if there is an issue.
  •  Ensure that the miner remains running ensures that mining does not cease until you stop using CGWatcher .

Control –

The miner settings can easily be changed while running. Change core, memory, tension, or intensity of GPU. Enable/disable pools. Re-prioritize them. You can quickly stop and continue mining by using a large pause/start mining button. In the Config File Editor, a second button opens the miner’s config file. Wherever you may want you may make anything from the inside of the software, I attempted to add buttons to access the files or directories. check out the reviews here

CG watcher supports overheat protection for cards under AMD. Overheat Protection. With temperature, temperature overheat and temp cut off settings, you can adjust fans and clock speeds to keep your target temperature and disable too hot devices as well as the intensity to adjust the target and disable the GPU that gets hot, CGwatcher now gives similar protection to Nvidia cards. It will allow and/or gradually increase the intensity to its original settings when temperatures decrease down to the target range.


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