Features of XMRig Miner 2021

Features of XMRig Miner 2021


Virtual money is no longer a new trend. Today, more than 5 thousand different cryptocurrencies are operating in the world, and many users have already switched to calculations in this format. Which coin to choose? This is an important point, especially if you choose a coin to mine it. Here you need to take into account the following factors: mining algorithms, features of mining equipment, profitability, etc.

XMRig Miner

The XMRig miner is Monero cryptocurrency mining equipment (XMR). In addition to the RandomX algorithm, XMRig supports RandomWOW, used by Wownero, and RandomXL used by Loki. Why would you choose it? It’s simple – this way you will get the maximum performance and reach the desired profitability. The miner is compatible with Linux and Windows.

Recommended Drivers:

  1. Adrenalin Edition 18.5.1
  2. Adrenalin Edition 18.5.2
  3. Adrenalin Edition 18.6.1

Why do miners choose XMRig?

More and more users prefer the Monero currency. It ensures a high level of privacy to its users. The Monero system operates in such a way that all contacts and addresses, as well as transaction data, are totally hidden. This means that the holder of the Monero currency cannot be identified among other network participants.


The XMRig miner is the best option for mining Monero and here’s why:

  • Maximum return level ;
  • Intuitive interface and easy command-line navigation;
  • Compatibility with Windows;
  • Small executable file size;
  • Here you can work on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors;
  • Support for spare pools;
  • Compatible with CryptoNight for AEON coin mining;
  • Nicehash support;
  • The source code is available.

To start using the miner, remember the names of all the algorithms. There are three of them here:

  • rx/0 for RandomX (Monero);
  • rx/wow for RandomWOW (Wownero);
  • rx/loki for RandomXL (loki).

Download and configure: User Guide

Mining coins with the XMRig miner is not so difficult. A small guide below:

  1. Install the program on your device;
  2. Unzip it;
  3. Edit the batch file with the desired coin.

Checking the XMRig hash rate

You can check the hash rate, results, and status of your graphics cards using two methods. The first is from the program console, and the second is via the API. By default, XMRig displays the hash rate every 60 seconds, which you can change in the “print-time” settings.

Checking the XMRig

After that, in the current program form, tap on:

  • “H” to display the hash rate;
  • Press “e” to display the health of your GPU;
  • Then “p” to set on pause;
  • “R” to resume the operation.

If the miner submits the balls to the pool, then it reports “accepted.” If it says “rejected,” then something is going wrong with your configuration. Be sure to review it.


Soon XMRig will be developed in all-in-one miner for CPU, like XMR STAK. But for now, you have to use the miners individually. XMRig operates better on CPU hashes and XMR STAK on GPU. Use both miners at the same time. This will not affect your loot. Use XMRig for the CPU and turn off the CPU in the XMR STAK using the GPU. Overall, you will get a better production capacity.


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