EthMiner for Mining Ethereum

EthMiner for Mining Ethereum


Ethereum mining until recently was possible exclusively on video cards, until Bitmain created its new devices. The shortage of cards from AMD, caused by the active expansion of the line of cryptocurrencies and the algorithms on which they work, led miners to mining with green cards from NVIDIA. Their hashrate for Ethereum was lower than that of red cards, but the hype in sales led to the creation of miner programs that bring performance to adequate levels of profitability. Further, we will consider one of the most popular and simple programs for mining Ethereum on video cards from NVIDIA – EthMiner. The miner also works with cards from AMD, showing good results.

What is EthMiner?

This miner program was specially created for earning ETH on the latest models of NVIDIA devices, since only they are able to work productively at the level of red cards. The software is a console version, that is, it does not have a graphical shell and management tools. Interaction occurs through the command line and editing the launch *bat file. This format does not present any particular difficulties, since the bulk of the miner’s programs used work in the same way.
EthMiner is available for all popular operating systems, it is updated as needed, mainly after the release of new card models (adapted versions). The current version of the miner is available on the resource GitHUB. Downloading software from other resources is fraught with viruses and “crooked” collections.


Setting up EthMiner

It is not difficult, since all console miner programs are similar in their way of digital money mining. It is not necessary to modify the downloaded files to get started. All you need to do is to create a new file with the *bat extension. This file will run whole the process in accordance with the parameters specified in it.
To begin with, you should find in the .bat file the control line that starts the process. It will look the next way:
– ethminer.exe -G (-C) – (U) -F—farm-recheck 200
After the command to launch the utility (– ethminer.exe), there is a letter indicated that determines to which kind of equipment to apply EthMiner:

EthMiner setting
  • G – it implies the program works with graphical processor units that support OpenGL. It suits both AMD and NVIDIA, and is indicated in most console utilities.
  • C – an instruction to address the CPU (processor computing power). Ethereum is not mined using this method, as the hash rate is negligible.
  • U – since EthMiner is focused on working with NVIDIA cards to a greater extent, the developers have introduced a separate parameter for it that addresses CUDA kernels at startup.
  • Variable -F goes before the indication of the pool details (network address) selected for mining.

After the colon in the pool address, there is a port through which the device will be connected to the block-chain. Note that this port must be open when checking. Do not utilize the ports occupied by the operating system or large-size online gaming portals. Select an arbitrary number after the mark :5000.
-farm-recheck 200 is a standard command that sets the interval for checking the availability of calculators for mining. It is indicated constantly, in this form at the very end of the line.
Having edited the file, save it and double-click .exe file. Mining will start automatically.


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