Coinomi Wallet Review – Fantastic Multi-Currency Altcoin Wallet

Coinomi Wallet Review – Fantastic Multi-Currency Altcoin Wallet


Only Android users may access the Coinomi Wallet at this time. Reports indicate that an iOS version may be published in the near future, although this has not been confirmed. Coinomi is a wallet that supports several currencies. This implies it supports a total of over 90 coins. The wallet is also completely free, which is another plus.

An open-source application, Coinomi

This functionality may have already piqued the interest of programmers and computer coders. It means that anyone with programming or coding skills may develop or modify it. This means you can learn how to programme and then enhance your application.

application Coinomi

The Best security 

Every time you choose a currency wallet, security should always come first. Coinomi has this as well. Because it is owned and controlled by you, the wallet contains private keys. These features ensure that your device’s keys never leave your possession.

Once the wallet is locked, no one can transmit coins without the master password. Coinomi, on the other hand, is more open than Mycelium, which requires you to provide a password as soon as you start the programme. Someone entering a password when opening the app, in my opinion, would enhance privacy. Currently, if someone stole the phone and touched on the app, they would be able to see the amount  invested.

Backups are only performed once.

You will be issued an incredibly powerful phrase as soon as you sign up for Coinomi services, which will serve as a backup for your wallet. This phrase will come in useful if you’ve ever misplaced or replaced your phone and need to restore or retrieve your wallet. After you’ve identified the phrase, carefully write it down and keep it safe. Because of this great level of complexity, a hacker would require years to reproduce the statement. As soon as you enter in the code, your bitcoin will return on your new phone.



Coinomi has a clean and straightforward design. All of the supported crypto is shown on the main face. You’ll also be able to see your balances in both traditional and crypto currencies. When it comes to conventional currency, you may choose between the US dollar, the British pound, and a variety of foreign currencies. You can see the complete history of your transactions, including sending and receiving. The use is simple and straightforward. How will removing XMRig CPUMiner help you?


Customer service is vital in crypto wallets (and in any other business, for that matter). Exodus’ customer service is superior to Coinomi’s, which answers promptly. Coinomi, on the other hand, is not the only one who has been harmed. At the present, a lot of crypto exchanges and other platforms are having difficulty keeping up with the demand for bitcoin.


Supported cryptocurrencies

As previously said, the Coinomi wallet supports a wide range of currencies. Potcoin, Pinkcoin, Rubycoin, Compcoin, InsaneCoin (which made me laugh), and many others are among them.

Installing the Coinomi Wallet

  • It’s really easy to get started:
  • From the Google Play Store, download the Coinomi app.
  • You’ll have to come up with an 18-word phrase this time. You must write down your thoughts. When feasible, keep printed copies in a secure location. If you misplace it, along with your phone, your investment will be irreversibly gone.
  • Type out your answer on your computer to check that it is right.
  • If this piece of paper is authorised, please store it in a safe place.

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