CGWatcher: A Guide For Newbies

CGWatcher: A Guide For Newbies


The CGWatcher program is designed to facilitate the work of miners. It is a special add-on with a graphical interface that conveniently reflects and simplifies farm management. You can download it directly from the official website.

Software Interface

Clicking on the CGWatcher.exe file, the first tab card you will see is “Devices”. It includes GPU, FPGA and ASIC sections and identifies the next characteristics for the devices:

  • Current total hashrate – the device’s power/speed at the current time.
  • Average total hashrate – the average power/speed of the miner for the entire period that has passed after installation.

And now, let’s move on to the rest of the key tabs, shall we?

Monitor Tab

Monitor Tab

In this tab, you will see the following features:

  • “Enable Monitor, refresh and check miner status every…” – enable or disable mining monitoring by checking the box. The standard setting is 10 seconds, it makes no sense to set it anymore.
  • “Restart if current total hash rate falls below…” – the function of restarting the program if the total HRate falls below certain values. It can help when setting up the miner for the first time.
  • “Restart every: (hours of continuous mining)” – it reboots the device after a certain period of time. And comes to the rescue in case of unstable work or unsuccessful setup of the program.
  • “Restart miner/computer if accepted/total don’t change for…” – it restarts the miner if within a certain period of time the number of shares does not change when the miner is running.
  • “Restart miner if full API access becomes read-only or if API is lost completely” – the feature restarts the software if the pool’s API drops, which is unlikely to help the pool recovering.
  • “Ensure miner status running unless paused or stopped in CGWatcher” – the option of checking and comparing miner and CGWatcher status.
  • Overheat protection – a very important function that prolongs the life of the farm.
  • Other settings:
    • Maximum attempts to start miner before taking action – it indicates after how many unsuccessful attempts to start the miner, one of the three scenarios will be activated. “Give up” – do nothing at all, “Keep trying indefinitely” – try to run the miner indefinitely, “Switch to last working profile” – try to run the miner with the last successful configuration.
    • Maximum attempts to perform a scheduled action – the maximum possible number of attempts to start the selected scenario.
    • Ensure mining resumes after CGWatcher restarts the computer (When CGWatcher auto-launches miner startup, delay launch by…) – checking the device to start after restarting the PC with the CGWatcher program and, accordingly, the delay that must be specified before the miner is automatically turned on. Time is needed so that the PC does not restart over and over again and the owner of the farm, in case of technical problems, can manually turn off the software by stopping the cycle of reboots.

Pools Tab

Pools tab

When creating a new profile through Manage Pools, we first of all give a name to the new profile (Profile Name) and specify the path to CGWatcher.exe through the Miner Path (not to the .bat file, but to the .exe one). Specify Configuration File, if any, and select the cryptocurrency required for mining. Click Save. It’s basically all you need to start mining.


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