CGMiner Review

CGMiner Review


Miner CGMiner was designed to work with AMD graphics cards. He doesn’t know how to extract currency with CUDA technology. Claymore’s Dual Miner is the best choice if you have a computer or farm that has NVIDIA graphics cards.

CGMiner provides debug information and can automatically disable the “problem worker”, to work through a proxy and use strategy Load Balance or Round Robin. You can specify the vector width and period for reconnection. This allows you to set up artificial delays for routers.

•          The absence of GUI (console app)

•          The NeoScrypt algorithm allows you to get maximum MH/s.

•          some tools allow you to overclock your graphics card.

•          Modify parameters using the configuration file

•          Display a detailed log

•          The graphical shell cgwatcher can be used to simplify your work with the program.

Options for config CGMiner


intensity is the most important indicator that affects the speed of the miner. Its value can be set between 0 and 20. Thread-concurrency controls the maximum number of calculations that can be performed.Scryptalgorithm can do. The initial configuration is to maximize the number of Shader blocks it has. The value should equal the number of Shader blocks of the graphics card. Respectively, “shaders”, if specified, can be removed. To get the best performance, it is recommended to spend some time looking for the optimal value for your graphics card. What is the similarity between mining and trading?

CGMiner GPU mining

CGMiner git 5.3.1.tpruvot has a new version that allows you to produce Decred with AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. The new version of CGMiner git 5.3.1-tpruvot is more efficient than the CGMiner fork to DCR.

This fork supports both protocols. It can be used to adopt a ball (such as a formal Protocol) and for the more advanced networks via stratum. The miner can work with NVIDIA GPU and AMD graphics cards (using OpenCL, not CUDA).


NVML monitoring is only available in 64-bit versions. This version of the miner was tested and we found that it achieved a higher hash rate with NVIDIA video cards than when we used tpruvotfork ccMiner to mine DCR. This version should be easy to use for those who are using AMD graphics cards. Mining Decred will yield the best results using pools that support Gatework and Stratum.

CryptoNight algorithm for mining

Cryptonight’s main purpose is to not create a divide between ASIC device owners and PC users during mining. Abadi and other cryptographers have created memory-sensitive algorithms.

Scrypt, a popular algorithm that uses memory, can still be compiled using relatively cheap computing devices. CryptoNote is different from Scrypt in that each block (64 bytes), depends on the others. The minimum L3 cache size for modern processors is 2 MB, so the new algorithm needs about 2 MB RAM. This RAM does not allow for the use of ASIC.

It is important to distinguish between CryptoNote & CryptoNight. CryptoNight is an implementation of the CryptoNote Protocol. The algorithm “Kryptonite”, built Monero, ByteCoins (BCN), Aeoncoin. Review of the OverdriveNTool super assistant


•          This algorithm has many advantages:

•          Emissions slowly decreasing.

•          Blocks are separated by small time intervals;

•          The inability of mining on ASIC hardware.

•          Bundles of CPU+GPU are a great way to increase performance.

There are fundamental differences between bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which is why there has been an increase in interest in new cryptocurrencies.


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