CGMiner: Key Details

CGMiner: Key Details


CGminer is considered software for professional miners due to the lack of a graphical shell. This is a console client that has a flexible mining program, a large number of additional functions, and is stable without overloading.
The application has established itself as one of the most efficient GPU miners, but the latest versions of the client are only released for ASIC mining. The CGMiner program was presented to the public on July 13, 2011. The main project developer is Kon Kolivas. He is known for his contribution to the development of Linux. The interesting fact is that Kolivas is an anesthesiologist by profession, and software development is no more than a hobby for him.
CGMiner supports CryptoNight, SHA-256, NeoScrypt and Scrypt algorithms, which allows mining Bitcoin, Monero, Decred, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies. The main advantages of the mining software are:

  • GPU overclocking functionality.
  • The ability to adjust the rotational speed of coolers.
  • The NeoScrypt algorithm ensures maximum mining performance.
  • Auto-switching between working devices.
  • Ability to work through a proxy server.
  • No commissions.

The programmers focused on software performance, but usability was in the background. Therefore, the main disadvantage of CGMiner is the lack of a graphical shell. Configuring software is possible only through the command line, and this can be a problem for beginners.
At the moment, the developers have stopped updating the software. The latest version of the client was released in 2018 and allows mining exclusively on FPGA and ASIC. The developers decided to stop supporting mining on CPU and GPU, as this method of mining is not cost-effective. At the same time, owners of video cards for mining can still use CGminer. To do this, you need to use earlier versions of the program (version 3.7.8 and below).

CGminer for Windows

CGminer for Windows

The software is compatible with Windows. The client is presented in the form of a boot file that adapts to your OS using a specific configuration order. At the same time, it should be noted that the developer recommends using a more universal 32-bit version of the OS. It is believed that building for Win64 has no advantages over Win32.
To configure the client, you can use the build guide for Windows provided on the officialGitHub page.

CGminer for other OS

The miner is also compatible with Linux and OSX operating systems. The developers are convincing that each OS has its own advantages for mining. For example, using

on Windows enables miners to use overclocking tools that give a greater mining effect than on Linux. And, in turn, Linux guarantees more stable and secure client work and provides remote monitoring functions. Therefore, the choice of a miner comes down only to his personal priorities and usability.

Setting up CGminer

Setting up CGminer

As we have mentioned earlier, CGminer is a console client, and it may seem to many people that its installation and configuration will require special skills and knowledge. But in general, there is nothing difficult in working with this software. It is important to simply follow the software configuration steps clearly:

  1. Download the client from a secure resource.
  2. Choose a mining pool.
  3. Connect the work of the account in the pool with the miner by using the bat file setting.
  4. Start mining.

That’s basically it!


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