CGMiner As The Best Solution For Solo Miners

CGMiner As The Best Solution For Solo Miners


Are you wondering how to mine cryptocurrencies from the comfort of your house? Do you find the best possible software for this purpose? CGMiner may be what you need. Go on reading to find out more about the product’s ways of usage and potentials.

CGMiner: What Is It?

CGMiner is a free-to-download program that is based on the central processor unit miner code. This software is intuitive and error-free (just what all solo practitioners need). It may be used on both Windows (64-bit), Linux and even OS X operational systems. Unfortunately, the program supports devices by AMD only. The list includes the following graphic cards:

  • R9 290/290X
  • R9 Fury/Nano
  • RX 460-80
  • R9 285/285X
  • R9 380/380X
  • RX 6500-900
  • VEGA 56/64/FE/VII
  • RX 550-90
  • RX 5300-700

Is The Miner Effective?

The program saves CPU and GPU effectiveness automatically regulating the mining speed. By default, the software reduces the risk of rejected shares and incorrect calculations. Besides, it does not bother users while they are working at their computers. So, the answer is yes, this mining program is effective.

Main Features

CGMiner has the following features:

  • It allows changing the settings of your general processor unit(s) and clock memory bit.
  • The program regulates the temperature of the general processor unit and cuts off by default when the unit gets too hot. Also, it’s possible to set a fan mode, and it will switch on by default every time GPU is overheated.
  • The software can be launched in background (an isolated window is not necessary).
  • The algorithm is meant to solve the most profitable chains and puzzles.
  • CGMiner provides an opportunity of setting commands and consecutive values for every processor unit separately.
  • There is a web-based visual interface for checking mining statistics.
  • The software offers an option of undervolting processors.
  • Distance-type control and oversight are available.
Main Features of CGMiner

How To Utilize CGMiner?

You aren’t supposed to be a rocket scientist to understand how CGMiner functions. To work on algorithms with it through the AntPool service, just stick to the following steps:

  1. Register a cryptocurrency wallet and connect it to your AntPool account.
  2. Download the most relevant driver update for the graphic card(s) from the AMD official website.
  3. Download CGMiner archived file (v3.7.2) and unzip it on C-drive.
  4. Double click the cgminer.conf file. The next code line should appear:

“pools” : [


                       “url” : “stratum+tcp://”,

                       “user” : “subaccount.worker“,

                       “pass” : “”


  1. Substitute the outlined part with your AntPool account name.
  2. Search for the cgminer.exe file and click on it. Your video card(s) will start solving puzzles automatically.

What To Do If The Program Doesn’t Work?

There are just a few things you can do to make sure CGMiner installed and set correctly. First, check what program version you have downloaded. It must be 3.7.2 (currently, the latest one). Then, open the cgminer.conf file again. Make sure your AntPool account name is correct. Finally, you may launch the miner manually using the setup string. In a pop-up window, enter the next code line:

cd c:\cgminer-0-1-0

cgminer.exe –set-compute-mode.

It’s supposed to troubleshoot the issue.


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