BMiner tool for earning crypto cash

BMiner tool for earning crypto cash


The mining of digital coins is gaining popularity so fast, especially when it comes to BMiner. That advanced mining software is suitable for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. Any modern user knows that for the effective use of farms, you need to choose the right crypto mining software. On the network, utilities are available that are released for a specific mining algorithm or type of equipment, and universal programs that support different hash algorithms and computing devices.

To figure out, which one is good for you, first, understand the basic features of the program and learn its advantages. By the way, if you have already decided not to look further, then choose BMiner, which can be easily downloaded directly from the official website of the provider.

 Why do they choose BMiner?

Of course, today there are lots of diverse mining programs with optimized options and you can quickly reach the first crypto income. The BMiner tool works well and it can likely claim the top position among mining programs one day. 


7 reasons why you should trust BMiner:

  1. It supports some effective algorithms, allowing you to mine coins of high quotes
  2. SSL protocol for the user security
  3. In case of technical failures, the miner is reconnected in auto mode
  4. Auto-update of frozen graphics cards, which means that the time out of work will be minimized
  5. Support for video adapters with 4GB
  6. Low commission fees
  7. Regular software updates

No wonder, thousands of experienced BMiner users share their positive reviews on the top crypto forums of 2021.

What algorithms does BMiner support?

Mining software supports crypto mining on the following protocols:

  • Equihash
  • Ethash
  • Bytom
  • Grin

How to get started?

You can easily start working on the miner, if you follow the short instructions:

  • Install and extract BMiner to the folder you need
  • Choose a cryptocurrency for mining and find the appropriate script
  • Enter your address and account information
  • Run the executive file

Voila, the mining getting started! You can configure the BMiner bat file manually. To do this, write down the launch parameters in a text file and save it with the bat. extension. And remember that any grammatical or syntactic error in writing the bat file threatens the mining process will fail. To get the full list of options, run bminer-help, but in most cases, it is enough to create a standard bat file for successful mining.

All users expect the maximum hash rate when working on the miner, but those indicators depend on the settings of power consumption, core frequency, and memory. Therefore, always consider all these conditions. Data for AMD GPUs are not available due to their limited use with the BMiner utility. If your mining farm runs on Windows OS, then on the red cards you can successfully mine on BMiner Beam and Grin. For miners using Linux, including Hive OS, it is possible to configure BMiner and run AMD cards on all the supported algorithms.

How to avoid the BMiner commission fee

Developers of mining programs allow disabling the commission, using a command like – no fee, but this will lead to a drop in the hash rate. You will lose 4% of the profit if you do not want to pay 2% for the service. Of course, a good programmer can find the developer’s wallet in the miner’s source code and replace it with his own.


The program is presented as universal, but it is still more suitable for Nvidia. Developers need to fix bugs that do not allow it to be used in Windows for AMD cards, then it can compete with Claymore’s and Phoenix utilities. In the meantime, BMiner remains a program for mining various coins, where it has quite well established itself.


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