BFGMiner: What Is It And How To Use It?

BFGMiner: What Is It And How To Use It?


Cryptocurrency mining is one of the most effective ways to make money. Someone buys coins at a lower price in order to sell them for a good amount in the future. Others don’t try to find standard ways. And to be honest, trading or investments can take a much larger part of the funds than classic mining. BFGMiner is one of the most efficient algorithm software. What are its main features? How is the program different from others? We will try to take a closer look at these details.

Features of the BFGMiner program

BFGMiner program

The BFGMiner software is very popular among all types of market players: both professionals (who have long been “tied” with mining and have been steadily mining coins), and beginners. This is the simplest console program, but it has the ability to interact with FPGA devices. And not every program can boast of such characteristics.
In addition, the following features can be noted:

  • It allows you to mine on devices of the different spectrum: central processors, graphics adapters, ASICs, and FPGA systems.
  • There are a large selection of keys with which you can customize the program for yourself correctly.
  • BFGMiner is a real opportunity to control the frequency of operation of coolers, as well as their rotation speed. The efficiency of the cooling system is very important, the quality of mining depends on it. If you address these issues, you can earn a lot of tokens.
  • High performance. If you look at other programs, you can draw a very simple conclusion: BFGMiner offers, indeed, very high efficiency of its work.

How to configure BFGMiner correctly?

Setting up a mining program is a rather complicated process (especially if you are doing it for the first time). To begin with, you will need to create your own cryptocurrency wallet, and then register on the mining pool. To do this, you just need to enter the name of the wallet (any) + pool in the search engine.

BFGMiner correctly

Immediately after you have passed the registration, you should download BFGMiner from the official website. After downloading, unzip the file to a separate folder. Next, create a file that will have the .bat extension. The file name is arbitrary.
Next, open the created file in notepad and enter the code line in the following format:

 bfgminer —scrypt —o stratum + tcp: // POOL ADDRESS: PORT NUMBER —p PASSWORD —u LOGIN —S opencl: auto —intensity 9 —w 512

Then, you will need to replace the following parts:

  1. POOL ADDRESS – the value (pool address) you are registered in;
  2. PORT NUMBER – the value of the port you are working with;
  3. PASSWORD – the password you specified during the registration of your pool;
  4. LOGIN – the license number of the miner program itself.

As for the intensity parameter, indicate the number from 1 to 20. It all depends on the type of device you will be mining with. This value is determined using a simple selection. After configuration, double click on the BFGMiner.exe file, the mining should start automatically.


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