BFGMiner: Key Features, Options And More

BFGMiner: Key Features, Options And More


BFGMiner has gained very high popularity among both beginners and experienced users who are mining cryptocurrencies. But what is the reason for the widespread use of this mining software? Because, at first glance, it is an ordinary console program. In fact, it is distinguished by one very interesting feature. This is support for working with FPGA devices. Not every program cast in the same mould can boast of having such a function.
Apart from this, the key features of the BFGMiner program include:

  • The opportunity to mine on a variety of devices, including graphics adapters, central processing units, and specialized FPGA systems.
  • The availability of a large range of keys that allow fine tuning of the program.
  • The option of adjusting the rotation speed and frequency of the coolers, which are involved in cooling the system.
  • Slightly higher performance both in terms of consumed resources and the use of hardware in comparison with other similar programs.

At the time of this writing, the most current version of BFGMiner is version 5.4.2, which can be downloaded from the developer’s official website.

BFGMiner: Setting

BFGMiner: Setting

As in the case of setting up any mining program, initially, the user must create his/her own wallet for a certain cryptocurrency, as well as register on one of the pools. To do this, just enter the relevant queries in the search engine and find suitable resources. And how to do it in trading ?
After registration, you should download the latest version of the program from the official website. Then, unzip the archived file into a separate folder and create a file with the .bat extension in it. You can specify an arbitrary name for it, the main thing is that you do not forget later what kind of file it is. Therefore, it is recommended to use names like Start, Run, etc.
After that, open the created file through notepad and type in the following code in it:
bfgminer —scrypt —o stratum + tcp: // POOL ADDRESS: PORT NUMBER —p PASSWORD —u LOGIN —S opencl: auto —intensity 9 —w 512
In this code, replace the following values:

  • “POOL ADDRESS” to the actual network address (IP) of the pool where you have created your mining account.
  • “PORT NUMBER” to the current port number that will be used for operation.
  • “PASSWORD” for the passcode that you have used when registering on the pool.
  • “LOGIN” to the miner license number.

The intensity parameter can range from 1 to 20 depending on the type of device you are using for mining. It is determined by the matching method.
Thus, in just a few steps, BFGMiner is ready to work on!


BFGMiner is really intuitive software that suits every miner. It is simple to launch and set up. So, if you are still looking for the best mining utility, you have found it!


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