Atomic Wallet Evaluate: Safety, Exchanges, and Currencies Accepted

Atomic Wallet Evaluate: Safety, Exchanges, and Currencies Accepted


Atomic Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet and trade software that supports over 500 currencies and tokens. The major feature of the wallet is its decentralised exchange known as Atomic Swap. The Atomic Wallet is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. It enables users to buy cryptocurrency with their bank card.

without the need of a centralised exchange, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. In the crypto world, it has become increasingly popular.

Atomic Wallet our Point of View

The Atomic Wallet is ideal for novices because it is free and allows them to purchase cryptocurrency directly from the wallet if they do not already hold crypto assets. In contrast, cryptocurrency wallets like as Exodus require you to purchase crypto assets from a third-party exchange and deliver them to the wallet before you can begin trading them. Aside from being simple to use, the wallet allows you to trade nearly any coin or token. This is feasible because to the wallet us integration of the Atomic Swap exchange. Other exchange connections are available for further coverage. Rapid Growth of ProgPoW Miner.

Point of View

Outstanding Characteristics

The Atomic Wallet its greatest characteristics are its low cost and compatibility for coins and tokens. Along with its security and the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies directly from the wallet using your bank card. Aside from network transaction fees, the wallet is free to use. Atomic Swap supports over 500 currencies and tokens, in addition to other exchanges.

Because the exchange is decentralised, all of your assets are saved on the blockchain, while all of your private keys are encrypted and stored on your device with a 12-word recovery phrase as a backup in the event that your device is lost or stolen. The ability to acquire cryptocurrencies straight through the wallet with only a bank card allows even a crypto beginner to start exchanging crypto coins and tokens practically immediately after installing the wallet. What news about mining has changed this ?


The user-created password is the initial layer of Atomic Wallet security. This password is necessary for access to the wallet, as well as transaction confirmation and viewing private keys. A randomly generated 12-word backup phrase that can be used to restore access to the wallet if your device is lost or stolen is used to back up the user-created password.


All data kept on the user’s device or transmitted during a transaction is completely encrypted. To ensure safe transactions, Atomic Wallet employs both AES and TLS encryption. Data is not saved on servers, and Atomic Wallet does not store or have access to the private keys, thus your security is entirely in your hands to be protected from fraudent.

Operating Systems Supported

Atomic Wallet is compatible with a broad range of operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Indeed, Atomic Wallet works with a variety of Linux systems, including Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora. Atomic Wallet may be downloaded for Android and iOS devices through the Google Play Store and the App Store.


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