ATIFlash: Features and Functionality

ATIFlash: Features and Functionality


If you are going to increase the success of crypto mining, then you will probably need a useful and reliable utility – ATIFlash. This program is used to flash the BIOS of the cards. This tool is perfectly adapted, it supports AMD Radeon options. Users can employ the tool for BIOS firmware for the RX Vega, RX 580, RX 480, and all the previous ATI cards.

Why Do You Need ATIFlash?

It has long been known that developers of graphics processors put certain blocks on performance. For those users who play a lot or are engaged in mining crypto coins, the efficiency indicator of the device should be as close as possible to 100%. The ATIFlash tool will help to improve the characteristics of GPUs by flashing them. For providing more rapid flashing, take only the original utility, which you download only from verified sources, for example, from the official website of the provider.


Initially, this program was called Atiwinflash. However, after the release of version 2.7.1, it was renamed simply to ATIFlash; version 274 was already quite well known under this name. The program for flashing video cards is compact software. It supports only ATI video options. As for GPUs, the utility supports all AMD Radeon graphics devices.Trading is not easier

Before you start working, you should download ATIFlash Windows. The utility is freely available and free of charge. It is supported on Windows versions XP and higher, up to the last option – Windows 10.

Features of the Versions

Each new ATIFlash version receives new features from the developer that provides more efficient and productive work.

  1. Version 9.3. The developer added support to NAVI RX 5700;
  2. Version 8.4. The startup process was improved and the system error in Windows 10 Build 1803 was fixed;
  3. Version 7.7. Added support for RX Vega video adapters;
  4. Version 7.1. The utility has received Fiji support.

Using the Tool through the Graphical Interface

Graphical Interface

You can start working using the ATIFlash tool through the graphical interface. The process goes as follows:

  • Run the program as admin;
  • Make sure the video adapter you need is selected right;
  • After that tap Load Image, and specify the BIOS file to start the firmware;
  • Then, tap on the Program button;
  • Next, wait for the firmware procedure to end, and then you will receive a special notification.

Take in mind an important point: in case the number of cards is more than 3, the program will not be able to correctly display the whole list – the fourth and next video cards simply will not fit in the window. So, use the firmware method via the command line.And what do they think about trading?


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