ATI Patcher For Tuning AMD Devices

ATI Patcher For Tuning AMD Devices


Quite recently, the main consumers of the graphic adapter market were gamers. Now, they are more like miners who use the processing power of specialized processors to extract direct financial benefits. In the race for digital coins, programs for modifying the drivers and BIOS to make the best use of all graphics card resources would not have been possible without specialized software such as ATIPatcher. also known as ATI Pixel Clock Patcher ( -download/).
The manufacturers of the most relevant drivers for video cards of the RX460/470/480 class have added a firmware checksum verification, which does not allow loading drivers if the BIOS of the graphical card is modified. Otherwise, the hardware acceleration simply stops working.
Users were faced with a choice. They are supposed to wait for the release of a new driver version that allows them to work with the modified graphics adapter firmware, or use specialized software to bypass these limitations. And further, we will tell you more about one of the most effectual and reliable solutions for AMD firmware – ATI Patcher.

What the user gets

What the user gets

Basically, after disabling the clock rate limits as a result of utilizing this program, the user can potentially get a higher refresh rate and a larger range of supported resolutions. That’s what the patching software is for.

How to work with the utility

We suggest you follow the guide below:

  1. Install the program from any trusted source (to give an example, from, at the link given above).
  2. Start the utility. Keep in mind that if you only want to disable the BIOS checksum verification, the atikmdagpatcher.exe file is supposed to be renamed to atikmdagpatcher-bios.exe before starting.
  3. When all the limits are calculated, click on the “Yes” button in the program interface to modify the firmware and calculate a new checksum. In case some restrictions can not be calculated, it is necessary to update the program version.
  4. Reload your device. New clock limits should be applied automatically.

How to return an unmodified version of the firmware

version of the firmware

Run ATI Patcher again and confirm restoration from the backup by clicking Yes. Before installing a new version of graphics drivers, it is not necessary to return a backup copy of the driver; it is enough to re-launch the overclocking software after the driver update is complete and perform the necessary actions.

System requirements

The program system parameters are as follows:

  • Windows Vista or above;
  • GPU models ranging from 5000 to newer;
  • CrossFireR9 285/295X2/290X/290 or newer (it allows flashing without CFBI links).

Older devices need 2 CFBI links if the pixel clock is over 300 MHz. It is only applicable to the adapters with a pair of CrossFire connectors. Of course, if there are more than 2 graphical cards, this trick will not work. Dual graphical processor units (such as 7990) are not supported.


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